Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sibling Names: George and Violet

Sundays use to be one of my least favorite days. Everyone knows that Sunday night feeling of the impending Monday and week ahead. Now that I am doing the Real Life Sibling Sets every Sunday is just so much better. I really enjoyed the comments from the weeks of George and Violet. One person wrote the longest, sweetest comment about her family history of the George's in her life. You will also notice that one of the siblings in the Violet category overlaps with the George category (would you call them categories?) and now I didn't plan to have these two names in the same blog posts!

In case you missed it, every Sunday I post a name on my instagram asking my followers to comment names of the siblings they know for the posted name. I ask for only real life siblings so none from movies and no suggestions for future siblings.

George Walter and Elizabeth Hanna
George and Lucille
George and Marina 
George and Isabell
George and Charlotte 
George Janet

George and Charles 
George and Jack 
George and Jackson
George and Paul 
George and Oscar
George and Deane (b)
George and Harold "Harry"

George, Shannon, and Lynne
George, Rachel, and Matthew 
George, Oscar, and Eartha
George, Ava, and Petra 
George, Amelia, and Harry 
George, Alice, and Charlee (g)
George, Tom, and Scott 

George, Makenna, Bryant, and Kelly (b)
George, Evelyn, Violet, and Helen 
George, Evelyn, Robert "Bob", Nancy "Nan", and Charles "Chuck"
George, Eleanor, Charlotte, Josephine, Simon, Henry, and Madison 
George, Archie, Elwood, Joann, Peggy, Gertrude, and General Kimp 
George, Lorenzo "Locks", Maddalena "Maddie", Ann "Annie)" Frances (g)
George, Lorenzo, Anthony "Tony", Ann, Michael, Vincent "Vinny", Frances "Franny" (g), Terrence "Tex", Kevin, Bernard, and Michelle 

The last two sibling sets are father and son! Their family also had a lot of George variants like Georgia, Georgiana, and Jorge. 

Violet and Mabel 
Violet and Vivian 
Violet and Layla
Violet and Hazel
Violet, and Scarlett 
Violet and Ember 
Violet and Lily 
Violet and Emily 
Violet and Willow 
Violet May and Elliana Rose 
Violet and Emilia 
Violet and Petra

Violet, Penelope, and Tallulah 
Violet, India, and Atlas 
Violet, Elijah, and Charlotte 
Violet, Micah, and Hudson 
Violet, Madison, and Amber 
Violet, Margo, and Lucy 
Violet, Amelia, and Lydia
Violet, Amber, and Ruby 

Violet, Evelyn, Helen, Estelle, and George 
Violet, Edith, Ethel, Virgil, and Victor 
Violet, Ethel, George, and Oscar 
Violet, Tristan, Leland, and Milo 
Violet, Bryant, Shawnie, Keith, and Crissy
Violet, Rose, Benjamin, Samuel, Adam, Jonathan, Gershom, Gabriel, and Isaiah

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