Saturday, December 1, 2018

Hello December: 12 Names Given to 12 Babies in 2017

Happy December! It's hard to believe this year is almost over. Every year I make goals for my blog and name instagram and this year I did so poorly on them. But then I remind myself its ok when you are forcing yourself to write or post it isn't enjoyable anymore. So for the upcoming year I am just going to write and post as I please with no goals in mind.

In honor of the month of December I have 12 names given to just 12 babies in 2017 since this is the 12th months of the year. I love looking for names this way because you find so many unique names without having to go through a million different names.

  1. Netta: English short form of names ending in Netta; Plant, Scrub in Hebrew 
  2. Luisana: Spanish, German Feminine form of Louis (Famous in War) 
  3. Kitty: English Diminutive of Katherine (Each of the Two)
  4. Hava: Hebrew form of Eve (To Breathe, To Live)
  5. Arista: Latin; Ear of Corn 
  6. Oksana: Ukraina form of Xenia (Hospitality) 
  7. Urvi: Sanskrit; Wide
  8. Viva: Latin; Alive, Living 
  9. Lilinoe: Hawaiian; Fine Mist 
  10. Humaira: Arabic; Red, Red Color
  11. Dione: Greek; Of Zeus, Goddess
  12. Arna: Hebrew; Mountain of Strength 

  1. Dudley: English; Dudda's Clearing 
  2. Revel: English; A Merry Celebration 
  3. Taliesin: Welsh; Shining Brow
  4. Virgilio: Spanish and Italian form of Virgil (Staff Bearer)
  5. Haidar: Arabic; Lion
  6. Irwin: English; Boar Friend 
  7. Narciso: Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese form of Narcissus (Sleep, Numbness)
  8. Edgard: French Variant of Edgar (Wealth, Fortune, Spear)
  9. Keir: Scottish; Rough Wet Ground
  10. Calixto: Spanish and Portuguese; Wine Cup
  11. Horatio: English Variant of Horatius (Hour, Time, Season)
  12. Ollin: Aztec-Nahualt; Movement 

Do you have a favorite name from the list? Anything that surprises you? 

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