Friday, December 21, 2018

Nature Namemas: Dove

The Bird
Doves are associated with peace. They are also associated with love. I have seen them released at weddings. During February you can find doves on different Valentine's Day decorations and cards and artwork. The most common image of the dove you see is the white dove but there are actually other colorings that are more common.

The Name
Bird names are all the rage and Dove is one of the new bird names out there. Although you really can't say it is a new bird name because it was used in the 17th century and in the top 1000 throughout the 1890s. Personally I love the name Dove as a middle name. It is unexpected but soft and short. In 2017, 26 sweet little baby girls were given the name. 

The Christmas Association 
During Christmas time doves can be found on cards or in trees as ornaments. They are in the lyrics of 12 days of Christmas on the second day. Jesus was born on Christmas and the was born to bring peace into the world. Everything doves symbolize are what is wanted to be felt during Christmas, peace, love, and purity. 

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