Saturday, December 15, 2018

Nature Namemas: Lumi

Today's Namemas name is not completely a Christmas name. It can be used for a winter baby as well. And I know that it is summertime for some people during Christmas so this may not help very much. But for me a snow filled Christmas is what its all about! 

The Name
Lumi means snow in Finnish. It is virtually unheard of in America or England but is in the top 50 in Finland. The loo sound at the beginning of Lumi makes it fit in with names like Lucy and Lulu. It is also two syllables and ends in the -ee sound. Overall a great name that would fit in but stand out all at the same time. In 2017, Lumi was given to 18 baby girls in the US. 

The Christmas Association 
I'm from the east coast of America so snow is a normal symbol of Christmas. I now that isn't the same everywhere. For instance I would some Australian mommas on instagram who are having trouble making their elf on the shelf summarized. This name is perfect for any winter Christmas baby especially if you have always dreamed of a white Christmas.

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