Monday, December 17, 2018

Nature Namemas: Fraser

Fraser Fir
Fraser firs are named after the John Fraser a scottish botanist who explorer the Appalachian Mountains in the 18th century. The leaves of the tree are well-formed, soft, and face upward. The most widely used as Christmas trees. Fraser firs are the most popular Christmas tree for the White House than any other tree. The tree is actually an endangered species in part because of climate changes.

The Name
The tv show Frasier made the name popular but the original spelling is Fraser from Scotland. The meaning is unknown in Scottish but could possible mean strawberry in French. In 2017 the name was given to just 11 baby boys. The name falls into multiple name trends included nature names and surname names.

The most famous Fraser out there is the Canadian explorer Simon Fraser. He is known to have charted much of British Columbia in Canada. Another interesting fact about the famous explorer is he was also a fur trader.

The Christmas Association 
There are many different types of Christmas trees out there but the Fraser fir is said to be the most popular. It has soft needles that don't prick you when you are hanging ornaments and they have just enough space between the branches to decorate. Many fake trees can be found as Fraser firs as well.

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