Monday, December 17, 2018

Nature Namemas: Clementine

The Fruit 
Clementines are hybrids between willow leaf mandarin oranges and sweet oranges. It was named after the orphanage of Brother Marie-Clement in 1902 where it was founded. You can find the fruit in many different areas of the world but the tastiest clementines come from the hottest regions in the world like North Africa, Mediterranean basin, and California. 

The Baby Name 
The name Clementine has been around for many many years. In 2014, after 61 years off the charts, Clementine made her way back onto the charts. Since then the name has been climbing up the charts and sits at #744. The name has a vintage feel for many parents and if you can get over the song "Oh, My Darlin Clementine" I thin kits just perfect. The name is coming back into the limelight with celebrity babies bearing the name as well as characters in tv shows. We'd be here for a very long time if i list all the name bearers!

Christmas Association 
Does your family put clementines in your stocking? My family does not but my mom said she got them growing up. It is a tradition that many families do and has been around for decades. There are many reasons why the tradition started. The most popular being that it was a treat during the Great Depression. Another reason I found was that they look at oranges as the gold St. Nicholas put in stockings. Either way Clementine is a great Christmas name that is subtle and sweet.

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