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2018 SSA List Predictions {Top 1000}

Last week I wrote a post on my predications for names entering the top 100 in 2018 when the new list comes out on Friday. Today I am going to make some predications to new names to the top 1000. Every year many names enter the top 1000 either for the first time or as a comeback. A lot of the names on this list are names I wold love to see make it onto the top 1000. 

Forest- Given to 200 baby boys in 2017
Forest sits just outside the top 1000 at #1006. Word names and nature names are all the rage. I think Forest is the perfect name to come back into the top 1000. This name would be a comeback kid being as it was just in the top 1000 in 1995 and in the 1910s and 1920s was in the top 300. Forest is a vintage name of sorts. 

Bear- Given to 196 baby boys in 2017
Last year I had Bear on my predication list and it did not make it into the top 1000. Bear has never been in the top 1000 and would be a welcomed addition. Like Forest, Bear is a word name. I hear a lot of word names around, especially in 2018. In March of 2017 Liam Payne named his son Bear. It was later in the year so I could see the name influencing the numbers in 2018. 

Archie- Given to 156 baby boys in 2017
Archie was another name on my predictions list last year and I am adding it to this year's list. There are 2 reasons why I think Archie will jump into he top 1000. 1. Riverdale has been a popular show in the past few years and the main character's name is Archie. 2. Archie is more popular in England and has been for a few years. America always takes naming cues from England. 

Adler- Given to 194 baby boys in 2017
Adler has this appeal to it that I just cannot but my finger on it. The name sounds fresh to the ears. It's a surname name, a perfect name for today's trends. From 2016 to 2017 a few more baby boys were given the name, from 170 babies to 194 babies. 

Gus- Given to 178 baby boys in 2017
Old man chic names are due to come back, especially the names that were popular in the 1920s. In the 1920s Gus ranked in the top 300 and would make a nice addition to the top 1000. A new trend I have seen happening recently is nicknameless names, names that do not have nicknames. Gus is perfect for that trend. 

Honorable Mentions: Stone, Ramsey, Murphy, and Finnian 

Elodie- Given to 251 baby girls in 2017
Last year I had Elodie on my prediction list and the name didn't make it. I am adding it to my list again this year because I am SURE it will make it into the top 1000. So many people love the name. It fits in with the other El- names like Eleanor and Elizabeth. Its magical and princess like. 

Winnie- Given to 257 baby girls in 2017
Winnie sits just outside the top 1000 at #1002. The name has a lot of vintage charm and is a pretty nickname. The current generation is digging nicknames more than naming a child with a name that offers the option of a nickname. Maybe parents who already have daughters named Millie and Sadie and Belle will name their 2018 baby Winnie?

Bellamy- Given to 247 baby girls in 2017
Bellamy is the perfect alternative to the Belle names out there that some parents might want to use but is too popular for their taste. It is an up and coming name. A surname that sounds more popular than it really is. If the name doesn't hit the top 1000 this year it for sure will hit it next year. 

Flora- Given to 222 baby girls in 2017
Flora was once in the top 1000 ranking just outside the top 100 in the 1910s and staying in the top 1000 until the 1970s when the name fell off the charts. This vintage beauty is really for a comeback. Ora names are attractive to parents now with their elegant feel. 

Haisley- Given to 227 baby girls in 2017
I debuting adding Haisley to my predictions list. I ultimately added it because it seems like the trend name that parents could like. A little bit of Hayley and a little bit of Maisie and an alternative to Paisley make this name appealing. Will it jump into the top 1000? 

Honorable Mentions: Waverly, Lilia, Beatrix, and Arden 

I am very excited for the list to come out on Friday. Sadly I will be working a 12 hours shift but you better believe I will be rushing home to spend hours looking at the list. Every year I am most excited for the new names to the top 1000. What are your predications?

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