Friday, May 17, 2019

2018 Top 100

Many people say the top 100 are too popular for them. When you think about it, how many of the top 100 names do you know on babies or someone older? I can say that I have not personally met many people with the top 100 names and if I have they are few and far between. So I say give the top 100 a chance!

Each year I take a look at the top 100 to see what names have entered and what names have left. This year I am also going to be looking at some of the biggest risers in the top 100. 

To my surprise only 3 boy names entered the top 100 this year. Normally there are at least 5 names. Looking at the other all top 1000 not a whole ton of names entered or moved. Everett is was in my 5 name predictions for new names to the top 100 and Axel with in the honorable mentions. Miles should have been in the top 100 a few years ago so its nice to see it there now. Many parents out there like the -ett ending names and Everett fits the bill. 

The girls had more names enter the top 100 than the boys. Sophie fits just right in the top 100 along side her sister names Sophia and Sofia. Last year E girl names were heavy so I am not surprised Emery made the top 100. The name is also similar to other Em- names in the top 100 like Emma, Emily, and Emilia. Last year and this year I predictions that Josephine, Ivy, and Isla would make the top 100 names and this year they did in fact make it. Josephine is a classic name and is Ivy but Ivy has a little bit more of a modern feel to it. Isla is exotic without being exotic. 

Because names entered the top 100 some names had to fall off down the list. Here are the names that dropped. 

Chase  #94 --> #112
Gavin #96 --> #111
Ayden #99 --> #109

Mackenzie #100 --> #106
Reagan #98 --> #107
Clara #96 --> #103
Isabelle #92 --> #113
Melanie #09 --> #105
Peyton #89 --> #101
Aubree #86 --> #110 

The boy names that left the top 100 do not surprise me. It seems we are having the fall of the Aidens. The numbers are showing a slow decline overall. As fort he girls I am surprised some of the names have fallen off the list. Isabelle had just made it onto the top 100 last year and is now off the list. Clara seems like a classic and a fit fort he top 100. As for the others I can see the decline in the names. We are currently in a  shift of style as the parents naming their babies are slowly coming from a younger generation. 

This year I also want to take a look at the biggest raisers in the top 100. Some of the names are on the list are names that have been in the top 100 while a few have just entered but made a big leap. 

1. Isaac (#34) +34 spots 
2. Theodore (#44) +18 spots 
3. Carson (#70) +13 spots 
4. Asher (#47), Maverick (#73), Santiago (#81), Miles (#98) +12 spots each 
5. Leo (#50), Elias (#67)  +11 spots each 

1. Nova (#56) +39 spots
2. Everly (#53) +29 spots
3. Emery (#92) +23 spots
4. Ivy (#86) +22 spots
5. Isla (#82) +21 spots

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