Friday, June 29, 2012

16 and Pregnant Season 2B

So today I have names from 16 and pregnant season 2B. So let’s get started.

  • Brooke- Brooke was one of the moms on the show. Brooke means small stream in English.
  • Cody- Cody is the father of Brooke’s baby. Cody means descendant of Oda in English.
  • Brody Ryan- Brody is the son of Brooke and Cody. Brody means name of a Scottish Castle in Scottish and Ryan means King in Irish.

  • Felicia- Felicia is another one of the girls on this season Felicia means happiness in Latin.
  • Alex- Alex is the father of Felicia’s baby. Alex means defender of the people in Englsih.
  • Genesis Alexa- Genesis is the daughter of Felicia and Alex. Genesis means beginning, birth in Greek and Alexa means defender in American.

  • Emily- Emily is one of the moms on this season. Emily means to strive, excel, or rival in English.
  • Daniel- Daniel is the father of Emily’s baby. Danile means God is my judge in Hebrew.
  • Liam Allen- Liam is the son of Emily and Daniel. Liam means strong-willed warrior in Irish and Allen means little rock in English.

  • Markai- Markai is another one of the girls on this season. I do not know the meaning or origin of Markai.
  • James- James is the father of Markai’s baby. James mean supplanter in Hebrew.
  • Za’karia Sanari- Za’karia is the daughter of Markai and James. Za’karia means the Lord remembers in Hebrew and Sanari means sweet and beautiful in Arabic.

  • Aubrey- Aubrey is another one of the mothers on this season. Aubrey means noble ruler in English.
  • Brandon- Brandon is the father of Aubrey’s baby. Brandon means from the hill in English.
  • Austin Carter- Austin is the baby of Aubrey and Brandon. Austin means great in English and Carter means driver of a cart in English.

  • Christinna- Christinna is one of the mothers on this season. Christinna means follower of Christ in English.
  • Isiah- Isiah is the father of Christinna’s baby. Isiah means salvation of God; the Lord helps me in Hebrew.
  • Destiny Brianna- destiny is the baby of Christinna and Isiah. Destiny means fate in American and Brianna means high, noble in Irish.

  • Kayla- Kayla is one of the moms on this season. Kayla means beloved or who is like God in American.
  • J.R.- J.R. is the father of Kayla’s baby. I do not J.R.’s full name.
  • Rylan Jayce- Rylan is the son of Kayla and J.R. Rylan means from the rye land in English and Jayce means Lord is my salvation in English.

  • Megan- Megan is another of the moms on this season. Megan means pearl in Welsh.
  • Nathan- Nathan is the father of Megan’s baby. Nathan means he gave in Hebrew.
  • Blake Ray- Blake is the son of Megan and Nathan. Blake means pale blond or dark in English and Ray means counsel protector in English.

  • Ashley- Ashley is the last mom on this season. Ashley gave up her baby for adoption to her aunt and uncle. Ashley means from the ash tree field in English.
  • Justin- Justin is the father of Ashley’s baby. Justin means just, fair in English.
  • Callie Danielle- Callie is the baby of Ashley and Justin. Callie means beautiful in Greek and Danielle means God is my judge in Hebrew.

So that is all the names form 16 and Pregnant season 2B. I hope you liked it and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :). 

P.S. picture coming soon. 

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