Friday, June 29, 2012

MLB Series: New York Yankees

Hey guys. So I have another blog post in the MLB series. This time it is the New York Yankees. So let’s get started.

  1. Robinson- This name is for Robinson Cano. He is number 27, an infielder, and 30 years old. Robinson means son of Robin in English. I like Robinson because it is a great alternative to Robert or Robin.
  2. Boone- This name is for Boone Logan. He is number 48, a pitcher, and 28 years old. Boone means from Bohon in France in English. I like Boone because it is cool and kind of exotic.
  3. Phil- This name is for Phil Hughes. He is number 65, a pitcher, and 26 years old. Phil means lover of horses in Greek. Phil is alright but it kind of sounds old.
  4. Wade- This name is for Cory Wade. He is number 53, a pitcher, and 29 years old. Wade means traveller in English.
  5. Ivan- This name is for Ivan Nova. He is number 47, a pitcher, and 25 years old. Ivan means God is gracious in Russian. I like this name and would use it as a middle name.
  6. Cody- This name is for Cody Eppley. He is number 38, a pitcher, and 27 years old. Cody means descendant of Oda in English. I like Cody but maybe as a nickname.

  1. Nix- This name is for Jayson Nix. He is number 17, an infielder, and 30 years old. Nix means night in Greek. I like Nix because it sounds cool and I like names with x in them.

So that is my list of names for the New York Yankees. I hope you liked it and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :).

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