Thursday, June 28, 2012

Teen Mom 2 Names

So I thought I would do a post about the names from Teen Mom 2 because I did the names from Teen Mom. So let’s get started.

  • Jenelle- Jenelle is one of the moms on the show. Jenelle means white wave in American.
  • Andrew- Andrew is the father of Jenelle’s baby. Andrew means manly in Greek.
  • Jace Vahn- Jace is Jenelle’s baby. Jace means the Lord is my salvation in English. I don’t know the meaning of Vahn.

  • Chelsea- Chelsea is another one of the moms one the show. Chelsea means port of chalk or limestone in English.
  • Adam- Adam is the father of Chelsea’s baby. Adam means man, of the earth in Hebrew.
  • Aubree Skye- Aubree is Chelsea and Adam’s baby. Aubree means noble ruler in English and Skye means from the Isle of Skye in Scottish.
  • Leah- Leah is another one of the moms one the show. She has twins. Leah means weary in Hebrew.
  • Cory- Cory is the father of Leah’s twins. Cory means hollow in Irish.
  • Aliannah Hope- Aliannah is one of the twins of Leah and Cory’s. I don’t know the meaning of Aliannah but Hope means desire of fulfillment in English.
  • Aleeah Grace- Aleeah is the other twin of Leah and Cory. Aleeah means high, sublime in Arabic and Grace means charm in Latin.

  • Kailyn- Kailyn is the last of the teen moms. Kailyn means pure in American. Kailyn goes by Kail, which means slender in American.
  • Jo- Jo is the father of Kail’s baby. Jo is a nickname for names that begin with JO and is Hebrew.
  • Isaac Elliot- Isaac is Kail and Jo’s baby. Isaac means he will laugh in Hebrew and Elliot means the Lord is my God in English.

So they are the main names form the show. I might do another post about other names that are  on the show. Bye for now :).

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