Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Teen Mom Names: Main Cast

I had the idea of doing a baby name blog post about the names from Teen Mom. It came to me because the new and final season started last week. I have a ton of names for you so let’s get started.

  • Maci- She is one of the moms on the show. Maci means from the massy in France in English.  
  • Ryan- Ryan is Maci’s ex and the father of her child. Ryan means King in Irish.
  • Bentley Cadence- Bentley is the son of Maci and Ryan. Bentley means from the bent-grass field in English and Cadence means rhythm in Latin.

  • Amber- Amber is another one of the moms on the show. Amber means fossilized tree resin or color orange/red in English.
  • Gary- Gary is Amber’s ex and the father of her child. Gary means spear rule in English.
  • Leah Leann- Leah is the daughter of Amber and Gary. Leah means weary in Hebrew and Leann is a combination of Lee and Ann and is English.

  • Farrah- Farrah is the third of the 4 girls on the show. Farrah means ironsmith in English.
  • Derek- Derek is the father of Farrah’s child and died before the baby was born. Derek means people ruler in English.
  • Sophia Laurent- Sophia is Farrah and Derek’s daughter. Sophia means wisdom in Greek and Laurent means crowned with laurel in French.

  • Catelynn- Catelynn is the last mom on the show. Catelynn means pure in Irish.
  • Tyler- Tyler is Catelynn’s FiancĂ© and the father of her child. Tyler means tile maker in English.
  • Carolyn Elizabeth- Carolyn, or better known as Carly, is the daughter of Catelynn and Tyler. She was given up for adoption. Carolyn means little womanly one in English, Elizabeth means God is my oath in Hebrew, and Carly is a diminutive of Carlotta, which means free in Italian, and is American.

So they are all the names of the main people on the show. I will do another post about the other people on the show later. I hope you liked this post and stay tune for more. Bye for now :).

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