Monday, June 18, 2012

Spanish Baby Names

I have a list of my favorite Spanish names for you. This blog was inspired by the formspringer,, who asked what my favorite Spanish girl names are.  You should go check out her formspring. This blog post was fun because I have taken Spanish for 3 years now and am taking a 4th so I know how to pronounce them. In my Spanish class all of the girls get a Spanish name so some of the girl names are what they used and for almost a year that is all I know them by. (I go to an all-girl high school so that is why no boy names were used). I have 10 girl names and 10 boy names for you. So let’s get started.

  1. Esmeralda- It means emerald. I really love this name. At least one of the girls in my class used this name. I like the nicknames Esme or Esmey (Es-mee). I also like the meaning because my birthday is in May and the Emerald is the May birthstone.
  2. Esperanza- It means hope. In my Spanish class there was more than 2 and when you called their name they all looked up. I love the meaning of this. You could use it in place of the name Hope.
  3. Araceli- It means altar of the sky. I really like this name. I love how it begins with Ara and ends with li. You could use the nickname Ara or Ari.
  4. Alejandra- It means defender of the people. I had one girl in my Spanish class use this as her Spanish name. When the Lady Gaga song Alejandro came out it made me think of this name. You could use the nickname Ali.
  5. Evelia- It means luminous. I love this name. It sounds so girly and goes with names like Evelyn and Evelina. You could use the nicknames Eve, Evie, or Eva.
  6. Masiela- It means more sky. I am in love with this name. I just love saying it. The meaning is great. You could use the nicknames Masie or Ella.
  7. Madelina- It means woman of Magdala. This makes a great alternative to the names Madeleine and Madison. It sounds so grand and girly. I can picture this one a girl of all ages.
  8. Novia- It means girlfriend. In Spanish class girls always prayer for their boyfriends, which is novio, and that is what I think of. I still think this name is great. You could use Nova or Novi as a nickname.
  9. Senona- It means Livley. Wow! The meaning is just great. I love it. I like the sound of it. You could use the nickname Nona.
  10. Adelina- It means noble. This is another name with a great meaning. I love how girly, strong, amazing this name sounds. I like it as an alternative to Addison and Adilyn.

  1. Cruz- It means the cross of Christ. I am in love with this name. It is short and sweet. I would use it as a middle name or a first name. If you are religious this is a great name for you.
  2. Francisco- It means free. Lately I have been really loving this name and using a lot on formspring. I like long, grand names and this is one of them. You could use the nickname Frank, Fran, or Cisco.
  3. Ignacio- It means fire. One of my favorite names is Ignatius and I love how this name is so close to it. I like the o ending. You could use the nickname Iggy or Nate.  
  4. Rubo- It means fair haired. I like how this name ends in o. I really like boy names to end in o. it sounds exotic and manly at the same time.
  5. Vincenzo- It means victorious. I have really loved this name for some time now. It is a long, grand name that goes with the rest of my favorite names. It is a great alternative to Vincent. The meaning is also great.
  6. Santo- It means holy. I love hoe short this name is. It does sound a little girly to me because I know a girl whose last name is very close to this. I still like it though.
  7. Benicio- It means benevolent one. This is a great alternative to the popular name Benjamin. I like the grand and manly feel it has. You could use the nickname Ben if you liked.
  8. Elio- It means the sun. I love this name just as much as I love the name Elian. They are nice alternatives to Elijah and Eli. I like the meaning because you could say the your son is the light or sun of your world. I just love saying it.
  9. Fransco- It means free. This name is so closes to Francisco but it is shorter. I like the meaning and the sound. You could use the nickname Fran or Frank.
  10. Javier- It means new house. I usually don’t like j Spanish names but I love this one. I love saying it and would love to meet a little boy named this.

So that is my list. I hope you like and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :).

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