Monday, March 23, 2015

The Sophisticated Quadruplets

I'm not sure if my readers noticed but I moved the name of the week from Mondays to Sundays and  this is why. I want to start a new segment on Mondays called Multiple Mondays where I feature names from different sets of multiples.

The first set of multiples is the Weaver quadruplets who were just born on March 14, 2015 and are still in the hospital. I fell in love with their names and fell in love with their momma too. It's a set of 3 boys and a precious little girl. I put them in birth order.


Lincoln Rhett
Lincoln means lake colony in Latin and Rhett is English from the Dutch language meaning advice. It's nice to hear Lincoln and I feel like it has been on people's radars lately. Lincoln Rhett has such a great flow to it.

Yale Pi (girl)
Yale means fertile upland in Welsh and Pi is a letter in the Greek alphabet and also a mathematical number. I was extremely surprised to not only see the name Yale but to also see it on a girl. Pi threw me off even more. The names together seem were sophisticated and very intelligent. I would have personality choose a more feminine middle name but I think they are nice together.

Sebastian Ty
Sebastian means from Sebasta in Greek and Ty is the diminutive of Ty- names. Sebastian is so grand and handsome. It definitely makes me think of The Little Mermaid. I'm a huge fan of Bash and Bastian. Ty is a name that I loved as a child but I was never a fan of the names Tyler and Tyson.

Hamilton Guy
Hamilton is an Old English name meaning treeless hill and Guy means guide, leader in French. Let's start off by saying that Hamilton is the perfect old man name to go with his siblings. A little Ham is really cute. The dad's name is Guy so I am guessing that's where they came up with the middle name Guy.

All of this names have such a sophisticated, high end feel to them. I think they are make a perfect sibset. The only thing I wish is that little Lincoln's middle named rhymed with the rest of his brothers and sister.

Keep this sweet family in your prayers as the babies get bigger and healthier. You stay up to date on their progress like them on Facebook.

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