Friday, March 6, 2015

Connie The Nickname

For those of you who don't know I am a huge fan of nicknames. Growing up I never had a nickname and always felt left out so I would love my future children to have nickname possibilities. I also fall in love with nicknames before I actually fall in love with a name for it. Earlier in the week I featured the name Constance on my name Instagram and it got me thinking about the nickname Connie. I went on the hunt for full names for the nickname Connie.

Constance: This is a vintage chic name that you really don't hear all that often. I think it's sweet and different. Paired with the nickname Connie I think the name would be fitting for a little girl.

Connor: A name more favored on a boy I feel like Conner could work for a girl. I mean if River and Elliott can be used on girls why can't Conner?

Connolly: If you like Conner but feel like it's too much of a boy name Connolly is perfect for you. It has the same beginning but with a more feminine ending. I love that Connolly is a surname as well.

Concetta: I first saw this name in my sorority house and those it was so different! The con beginning and etta end are a really nice combination.

Consuela: This name reminds me of a sweet little old grandmother. It's very Spanish so I'm not sure if it would work on all nationalities.

Contessa: Now I love this name more than Concetta. Contessa sounds so pretty and grand. I can picture it on a little princess.

Concordia: I like the length of this name so much. Not only does it have the nickname Connie but it also has the nickname Cory and Dia.

Constantina: A similar name to Constance but much longer and I think this name is a little more modern sounding than Constance.

Lacona: I had never heard this name before but I think it's pretty cute. You can get the nickname Connie depending on the way you pronounce the name.

Macon: Like Connor this name is seem a lot more on boy but I can see it on a girl. If you like the nickname Connie but none of the names above this name is for you.

I really loved making this post and might make another one like this again. What are your favorite Connie names? I love them all but I would have to say Constance and Contessa are my favorite.


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