Sunday, March 22, 2015

Name Of The Week: Levia

To Join
The feminine version of Levi 


7 Babies were giving this name in 2013 

Middle Names
Levia Pearl 
Levia Eleanor 
Levia Genevieve 
Levia Evianna
Levia Ruth 
Levia Mariposa 
Levia Gretchen 
Levia Naomi 
Levia Rosemary 
Levia Isabelle 

First Names
Teagan Levia 
Sophie Levia 
Ingrid Levia 
Charity Levia 
Madison Levia 
Aspen Levia
Jasmine Levia 
Joelle Levia 
Parker Levia 
Maya Levia 

Levy (lev-ee)
Levi (Like the boy name)

Famous People Named Levia
There was only a Yu-Gi-Oh dragon named Levia 

My Thoughts
I was introduced to the name by my Name Sister Alena and fell in love immediately. It sounds so pretty and is so different. The bible and God come to mind when I hear the name because of it's connection to the name Levi. I think the meaning is pretty nice too. While looking for first and middle names for Levia I had a lot of trouble finding ones that fit. I feel like with it being 3 syllables and ending in an A it clashes with a lot of girl names. 

Reason Levia is Name Of The Week
It's been on my mind for a few weeks now and might even go on to my top list. 


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