Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Irish Surnames

Your last name, at times, can be a dead give away of your nationality. With St. Paddy's Day yesterday I thought it would be cool to look at some of my favorite Irish surnames. Growing up with a lot of Irish people has made some of this surnames every day names fro me.


Meaning: From the Fortress
Sex: Boy
I've had the name Burke on my boy list at one point in my life. It's such a cool surname and I love names that have a K in them. In 2013, 78 boys were named Burke and I was pleasantly surprised but how high the number was.

Meaning: Assembly
Sex: Unisex
I love this name on a girl but just like Gallagher, it's a boy name. A lot of boy names are being used for girls right now so this could go along with he trends. In 2013 more girls (14) than boys (5) were named Daly.

Meaning: Black Stranger
Sex: Boy
Doyle would make a great variant to the name Douglas. Although you can use the name Doyle on a girl, it is much more common on a boy. Seventeen boys were named Doyle in 2013. It has a very masculine sound to it.

Meaning: Descendent of Gallchobar
Sex: Unisex
Although when you look up the name Gallagher you will find information containing to the name being a boy name, I can see it on a girl. The nickname Gally is extremely cute but for a girl. The -er ending makes me think of a boy. No babies were named Gallagher in 2013.

Meaning: Son of Hugh
Sex: Unisex
I really enjoy this name on a girl. For some reason it reminds me of the name Mae. Maybe it could just well be an alternative to the name Mae. I pronounce this name Mah-gee. The ending reminds with tree. Magee could also be a nickname for Margaret. No Babies were named Magee in 2013.

Meaning: Son of the Beige One
Sex: Boy
The first thing I think of when I hear the name Maguire is Toby Maguire and Spiderman. It is also the surname of the character Jerry Maguire. Although its a stretch, the nickname Mac would be really cute. Only 12 baby boys were named Maguire in 2013.

Meaning: Descendent of Brian
Sex: Unisex
Most people will probably see this name as a boy name but I know a girl with the surname O'Brien and would love it on a girl. Usually I'm not a fan of punctuation in names but the apostrophe is ok here. The nickname Obee is really cute and one of my favorite, unique nicknames. I say it two ways, one like the letters O and B together and the other like the word odd but with a B instead. The Brien part makes it more masculine. I think this would be a great name to honor a Brian. No babies were named O'Brien in 2013.


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