Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Feminine First Names, Boyish Nicknames

If you've been around here for some time then you know that I am a huge lover of nicknames. Growing up I didn't have a nickname and always felt like I was missing out. One of my name requirements for future children is a nickname possible first name. So what does that have to do with today's post? Today I am sharing with you 11 feminine girl names with boyish nicknames. Nicknames on their own are becoming more popular and boy nicknames are slowly catching on. This list gives parents the best of both worlds; girly first name with the option of a more tomboy name.

Andrea --> Andie
Wilhelmina --> Billie
Francesca -->  Frankie
Charlotte --> Charlie
Lucinda --> Lou
Antonia --> Toni
Danika --> Dani
Josephine --> Joey
Theodora --> Teddy
Evangeline --> Evan
Roberta --> Bobby

What other names would you add to the list? Do you have favorites? 

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