Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Twin Names: Similar Meaning

Twins can be tricky to name. Do you name with with the same letter? Do you name them in a theme? Do you just pick two names you like? There are so many things to consider! But then again how is naming twins different from naming siblings?

I think the best route to go down if you want to pick names that have a theme is to do a subtle theme to them. One such way to to look at the meanings of names and find 2 names that have the same or similar meanings. I have helped you out and given you 15 sets of names with similar meanings below.

Girl/Boy Twins
Noor (Light) and Abner (My Father is Light)
Emlyn (Around the Valley) and Holden (Deep Valley)
Maris (Of the Sea) and Kai (Sea)
Nina and Ignatius (Fire)
Adia (Valuable Gift) and Neo (Gift)

Girl Twins 
Amalie (Work) and Millicent (Strong Work)
Luna and Selene (Moon)
Tindra and Amaryllis (To Sparkle)
Felicity and Chara (Happiness)
Lumi and Eira (Snow)

Boy Twins
Jonah and Callum (Dove)
Ari and Leon (Lion)
Beaumont (Beautiful Mountain) and Montague (Pointed Mountain)
Asher and Benedict (Blessed)
Conrad (Brave Counsel) and Basil (Brave)

I have more ideas for twin name posts in the future but if you have any ideas leave them below! I would also love to hear your favorites from this list.

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