Thursday, September 19, 2019

Sweet Spot Girl Names {2018}

A sweet spot name is a name ranking right in the middle of the top 1000 names somewhere from the mid-400s to the mid-500s. Names that are not too popular and not too unique. They re perfect for parents wanting a happy medium. I took a look at the sweet spot names for the 2018 SSA name list and picked out my favorites.

Matilda (#489)- Strength in Battle; German
A sweet and vintage name, Matilda has a ton to love about her. To start you have a nice list of nicknames; Tilly, Mattie, Tilda, and Millie. She is the name of a classic children's literary character. The name is popular over in England at #31 and if you know anything about the baby naming world you know that Americans are always "stealing" the names from the British.

Hattie (#495)- Estate Ruler; English
Many years ago, in the 1880s, Hattie was in the top 50 making this a vintage beauty. Now the name sits down low on the charts after reentering the charts in 2011. The name originated as a nickname for Harriet but is perfect on its own. Hattie McDermont is a famous Hattie for her role in Gone With the Wind. 

Maisie (#498)- Pearl; Scottish
A vintage favorite that has been around for at least a 100 years, Maisie is too sweet not to love. She started out as a nickname for Margaret and has evolved into a name on her own. In recent times the name has been greatly associated with Game of Thrones for fellow actress Maisie Williams.

Leona (#511)- Lion; English and German
Leona is like the less popular but still beautiful sister of Leah and Fiona. British singer Leona Lewis is a namesake for her beautiful music. The name is perfect if you want something with a strong meaning or if you are an animal lover.

Collins (#514)- Son of Colin; Irish
In 2009 Collins was made popular from the movie Blind Side based on a true story. It is a surname name and fits with the ongoing trends. Although it is a unisex name the name is more popular for girls than it is for boys. The name can be an alternative or honoring name to Nicolas and Nicole.

Lilith (#521)- Of the Night;  Assyrian
Lilith makes a nice alternative to Lily and Lilian while being less popular. At the same time you can still use the nickname Lily. Adam's first wife was named Lilith and sent from the Garden of Eve because she would not submit to him. Their children are the evil spirits of the world. That may be a turn off for some people but I think the name is still beautiful.

Colette (#533)- Victory of the People; French
Beautiful and French, Colette is being rediscovered by parents everywhere. She fits in with other -ette ending names such as Juliet and Margaret. Since reentering the top 1000 in 2012 the name has been on the climb up. Although I imagine it still being a while before it because super popular.

Sutton (#538)- South Town; English
Sutton is a southern belle as well as a unisex surname and a place name. You can find multiple neighborhoods called Sutton in England. Most of the time the names I associate with England are vintage nicknames but I think Sutton also screams England (whether you take in part the neighborhood names). The most recent name sake of Sutton is from the ABC family show, The Lying Game

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