Thursday, September 5, 2019

7 Modern Virtue Names

Modern names are used all the name. Faith, Grace, and Felicity all rank in the top 500 of popular names in 2017. If you are looking for some names not as popular and with more a modern, new world feel this list is perfect for you. Use these names as first names or middle names but either way don't hesitant to give your child a name of great virtue.

Revel- A Merry Celebration 
Revel is the name that started this whole post when I saw it on Names Daily on instagram. I've had the name stuck in my head since! The name dates back to Middle Ages in England and France. It was used to describe someone who liked to have parties. 

Clarity- Clarity, Lucidity; English
Clarity is a fresh take on Claire while still being able to use the name Claire as a nickname. Everyone needs clarity in their lives to solve problems and make decisions.

Merritt- Boundary Gate; English
Merritt is one of the names on this list that can go to either the boys or the girls. I personally love the name on both and have heard it on both. To have merit is to be good and worthy, to possess those qualities.

Jovie- Jovial, Merry, Cheerful
This name many be on many people's minds right now with Christmas just around the corner. Why you might ask? It is the name of one of the characters in Elf, the movie. Its a great modern twist on Judy, Jody, or Julie. Take away the E and you have Jovi after Bon Jovi.

Basil- Brave, Valiant; Arabic
The name Basil can fall under a number of name categories; nature, saint, and even virtue. Basil brings to mind a fresh, airy feel. When brave feels like too much of a bold name Basil is a little more toned down. Besides meaning brave in Arabic the name also means king in English.

Bliss- Joy, Happy; English
Bold, one syllable middle names are perfect additions to any name and Bliss is one of them. Babies and people bring joy, happiness, and even pure bliss to a families life why not honor it with the middle name Bliss?

Amity- Friendship; English
There is nothing better in the world than a lifelong friendship. Although not quite a virtue I count the ability to be a good friend one. To be a friend you need to be honest, loyal, and loving among other things. Amity is the perfect alternative to Amy or to honor one.

What names are your favorite? What names would you add to the list?
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