Thursday, September 12, 2019

8 Great Women in Science

I am a lover of celebrating women and their accomplishments in fields that are "made" for males. Fields such as science, math, leadership, and more. In 2019, women empowerment is becoming more and more prevalent to everyday life. But this isn't the first year women have been fighting for their rights. Below I have a list of names of 8 women who defied odds in science making inventions and discoveries to better our lives today. 

Patricia- Noblemen; English 
Patricia Era Bath was an ophthalmologist. She was the first African American to complete a residency in ophthalmology as well as the first African American woman to receive a medical patent in 1998. Cataracts are being resolved because of her invention of the Laserphaco Probe. Eye health has vastly improved because of her and her determination to go against racism and sexism.

Edith- Wealth, Fortune, War; English 
Edith Clarke was the first female electrical engineer as well as the first female professor of electrical engineer. She helped design the hydroelectric dams. She also invented a graphical calculator to help solve equations involving hyperbolic functions. All of her accomplishments are achieved despite being denied jobs as an electrical engineer but large companies. 

Hertha- Strong, Vigorous; German 
Like Edith Clarke, Phoebe Sarah "Hertha" Ayrton had a hand in the electrical world. She created a better electric arc. It was clean and quiet compared to the lights at the time. Hertha also studied wind motions and water cortices. During World War I she invented the Ayrton fan to blow away mustard gas. With her help she paved the way for females in science. 

Nettie- Diminutive of Names Ending in Nette; English 
The discovery of sex chromosomes can be credited to Nettie Maria Stevens. She discovered that our sex is determined by X and Y chromosomes with the help of insects. All her research was published in a 2-part book that help overturn hundreds of years of misconceptions. 

Gerty- Diminutive of Gertrude (Spear of Strength); English
Without Gerty Theresa Cori people with diabetes would not have the life they have. With her help we are able to understand how diabetes works. Gerty and her husband Cori worked side by side in all of this. Together they created the first synthetic glycogen. She was the first women to win a Nobel prize. She worked in the science world until her death. 

Mamie- Diminutive of Mary (Sea of Bitterness); English 
Mamie Phipps Clark had a huge hand in understand the effects of segregation on children. Her picture test proved that race is an integral part of a child's identity. She was the second African American to receive a Ph.D from Columbia university. with her husband being the first. Her study wasted in the Brown v. Board of Education case. 

Katia- Diminutive of Caterina (Each of the Two); Italian
Catherine Josephine "Katia" Krafft fell in love with volcanos when she was little after seeing a picture of them. She went on the study them fort he rest of her life. Her love for volcanos allowed her to start a foundation for volcanology with her husband. Her study of volcanos helped governments form volcano evacuation procedures. Sadly she died doing what she loved. 

Francoise- Frenchman; French
HIV was identified thanks to the work of Francoise Barre-Sinoussi. For her work she won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. She became the head of the Retrovirus Biology Unit at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. She has since retired from research but her accomplishments are not forgotten. 

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