Thursday, September 26, 2019

Wine Inspired Names

Do you love wine? Because I just greatly love wine. A good wine tour with your very favorite people is the way to a happy soul. This weekend my friends and I will be going to a few wineries on a little weekend getaway. I have had this blog post idea floating around in my head for some time now and what better time to write it than now! I have a much larger list than I thought I would have. You will find names meaning wine, types of wine, brands of wine, and many other things.

Winslow- Hill Belonging to Wine; English
To me Winslow is both a place name for the simple fact that my boyfriend lived next to the town of Winslow. Surprisingly it did not shy me away from the name. The word around the name community is that Winslow is gender neutral. It's a boy name for me.  The wine association is within the meaning of the name. I like the subtle meaning.

Anjou- Unknown Meaning
If you are looking for a unique wine name Anjou is the name for you. Anjou is a white wine and is the name of a wine growing providence in the Loire valley. It is also the name of a type of pears. The name sounds like a cool alternative to other Ann names and even a little French.

Arbor- Tree Name; English
Another unisex name on the list, Arbor is in honor of the wine brand Arbor Mist. It is a unique nature name specifically a tree name. The name was more popular for girls in 2018 with 26 baby girls given the name compared to the 12 baby boys with the name.

Webster- Weaver; English
Webster is 1.5L of wine. I'm sure the first thing people will think of is the dictionary so you have a very subtle wine name here. W names are fresh to me. They are not as used as other letters and look pretty to the eyes. Nothing says prestigious as a boy named Webster.

Vincent- To Conquer; Latin
St. Vincent is the patron saint of wine. I have a few Vincent's in my family so I am bias to the name. The name is ranked just outside the top 100 at #107. The name was very popular around the Middle Ages and you will find it through history books. You have artist and actors and saints with the name amount many other people.

Sonoma- Valley of the Moon; Native American
The wine growing region in California makes a great wine inspired name. People love place names so why not go for a more unique choice? Sonoma is exotic princess feeling. Her nicknames include Sonny, Noma, Noa, and Nommie.

Demi- Earth Mother; Greek
Demi Moore and Demi Lovato are two famous namesakes for the name. Both popular in the teen world. Demi-sec wine is half dry wine. The name is great on its own or as a nickname for Demetria and Dempsey.

Calix- Wine Cup; Latin
Calix is a funnel like cup. It can also be associated with the shape of a flower. The name has the "X" factor to it meaning it has the nice subtle X. I love that it fits with other Cal- names like Calvin, Callum, and Calloway.

Other Wine Names
Wine Meaning
Brandy- Burnt Wine; Dutch
Vinicio- Wine; Italian and Spanish 
Winton- Enclosure Belonging to Wine; English
Vin- Wine; Latin

Wine Types
Mead- Honey wine
Rosé- Pink Colored Wine
Blanc- White Wine 
Claret- Dry red wine 
Sherry- Descendent of a Foul; English (Fortified Wine)

Wine Brands
Sutter- To Sew; English 
Franzia- Boxed Wine Brand 

Other Wine Associations 
Dionysos- Of Zeus; Greek (Goddess of Wine)
Osiris- With Strong Eyesight; Egyptian (Goddess of Wine) 
Tannin- Ingredient in Red Wine 
Balthazar- Bel Protect the King; Hebrew (12L of Wine)
Melchoir- (18L of Wine)
Pip- Diminutive of Philip; English (Grape Seed)
Ruby- Red; Latin (Sweet Port)
Syrah- (Red Grape)

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