Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2012 Christmas Names

Hey guys! Merry Christmas! I just had time to sit down and write this post before more of my family comes over. I hope everyone’s Christmas has been good! So let’s get started on the Christmas names.

  1. Gloria- This is for a Christmas Carol. It means glory in Latin. I really like the name and Glory is such a cute nickname.
  2. Noelia- This is a great alternative to Noelle a popular Christmas name. Noelia means day of birth in Latin and French. I love the sound of Noelia.
  3. Northelyn- This is for the North Star. I couldn’t find the meaning of Northelyn but it’s really cute.
  4. Mary- This is for Mary, Jesus’ mother. Mary means star of the sea in Latin. Mary is a cute name that grows well with age.
  5. Hope- This is a great name for the season, especially this year. Hope means expectation; belief in English. I love the name Hope as a first name.

  1. Pax- This is for peace in the world. Pax means peaceful in Latin. I love Pax and it makes a great nickname for Paxton.
  2. Yeshua- This is a variation of Jesus. I couldn’t find the meaning of Yeshua but I think it’s cute.
  3. Jasper- This is said to be one of the names of the three wise men.  Jasper means treasure holder in Greek. I think Jasper is really cute.
  4. Buddy- This is on the list because of Buddy the Elf from Elf the movie. Buddy means brother in English. I think Buddy makes a cute name but not a full name.
  5. Clark- This is for Clark Griswold from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Clark means cleric, clerk in Latin. Clark is a nice name but I can’t see it on a baby.

So there are the names. I hope everyone is having a merry Christmas and enjoying the day. I have to go get back to my family. I am hoping to blog more now that Christmas is over but no promises. I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :)

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