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Feature Friday: Lyndsey

Hey guys! It’s Feature Friday time! This week I have a friend of mine from formspring, Lyndsey. Her formspring is She also has a listograohy ( and a tumblr (  Lyndsey always has great questions and they aren’t always baby names too. You all need to go follow her. So let’s get started.

Me: How did you get into baby names?
Lyndsey: I'm not quite sure but I know I have always liked certain names more than others. My favorite name that I liked when younger was Ashley but I also hated it since the name was so popular. Ashlyn became a good alternative for me over the years. When I was younger, my friend Jessica would usually come over to my house and we'd go into my dad's office that was located in the basement  and we'd play School. We would be the teachers and make list of names on the paper like normal schools do. Frankly most of the names weren't so original. It would mostly be names that we knew from school or ones we semi-liked.

Me: Our naming style is always so unoriginal when we're little haha. How old were you when you first started liking baby names?
Lyndsey: I'm not really sure... i would say 4th/5th grade but ofcourse then i didn't really know that much about names either. Might have been even older like Jr high type age when i liked them even more. I love how formspring has its own baby community since it lets me talk about names with others and some users have given me good ideas!

Me: I love the baby name community on formspirng! If I didn't have it I would probably go crazy because I wouldn't have anyone to talk to. What are your current favorite baby names?
Lyndsey: I have quite a few at the moment. I just revised but i feel like i need less names! I currently have ten top girls and seven boy names. I'll just name three for each gender to make this shorter but anyone is welcome to check out my listography for my full names or even ask me on my formspring!
*girls: Bailey Aurora, Clementine Clover, Jacqueline Eliza. 
*boys; Alexzander Blake, Camden Sage and Kipp Sebastian.
(* Names aren't in any order, sorry!)

Me: Top 10 and top 7 is a great amount. I love your names, especially Kipp and Clementine. If you remember, what were your first favorite baby names?
Lyndsey: Aj Charles, Jack, John, Luke, Lucas, Elizabeth, Marie, Ashley... really common names. I never made middles for them besides Aj. I'm sure there are many others that I liked but those came to mind.

Me: My favorite names when i was little were common too haha. Why did you decide to start making list and join formspring?
Lyndsey: Same here about not having others to talk with about names! Sure y!A has a baby name section among other sites but it just doesn't work that well... you bond more with people at fs. thanks for liking the names :D I used to go on Y!A (Yahoo Answers) and most of the people from there were getting formsprings. It seemed like a better Q&A site. A few people that I followed (lepetitviolet, azureamulet, LunaScarlett) kept talking about baby names along with some others and it made me want to branch out and add more namers.

Me: I tried the y!A before and the people are just so mean! I feel like I am going against formspring when I go on there to lol More than half the names I have hear about are from formspring. I think half of my top 10 is because of formspring too! You're welcome What has been the most fun about making list and formspring?
Lyndsey: Formspring is a good site if you want to waste time, meet new friends, share common interests. Nobody really knows about my baby name ideas so it is good to talk with others about that stuff along with other things. It helps to be part of the advisory panel at formspring as well. I enjoy catching up with some amazing people too! The anons can be nice too...

Me: I was so much time on formspring haha. I have also meet so many people that I have come close to. What has been your favorite list and formspring question (rename, collages, etc.) you have done?
Lyndsey: My favorite formspring question i have done is kind of hard to answer since I've had a formspring for 2-3 years now. Most see me as a spammer as well as a namer, I like to ask a bunch of different questions. I really like doing baby name games but it doesn't seem like people have been doing those for a while. I think my "Life Soundtrack" question got a lot of responses since it has music and it deals with life, kids... the whole lot. 

Me: I never got to do your "Life Soundtrack"! It sounds like fun! Are you working on any listography list or formspring questions/spam?
Lynsdey: Agreed about the Y!A people. At first i was in the fashion section with a badge too! Then i made my way into Polls and surveys and lost my badge :( oh well. Lost some accounts too haha. I wish! At one time i had no idea what to spam about and someone jokingly said that i should do 600 questions, sure enough i was still up for the challenge! It took me a long time too. I should probably do something like that again but i just don't know what to ask at times. I feel like most of the non-namers hate getting name spam but some are also nice about it. A mix is always good. Lately I have just been asking anything. As for listography i also don't have a list. I kind of slack off when it comes to the list making. I did find some songs that people suggested and made a mini list of that. Pretty boring so i figured i would just put it on private since i kept updating it after i would listen to those songs.

Me: Awww :( 600 questions! I like when you ask random questions. I'm slacking on the list too. I really should get back to updating. What do you love about baby names?
Lyndsey: I like seeing what people like as well as dislike. Also enjoy seeing the combos and sibsets people make. I know that I'm not as obsessed as other people, I don't really care for the syllables, for me it is mostly the flow of the name as a whole and on its own. Knowing what certain names mean is cool too.

Me: I love seeing what other people like. I am always listening to people's names. What types of baby names to do like (ex. Trendy, vintage, etc.)?
Lyndsey: I think that i have a mixture of styles. Maybe trendy, classic and sometimes common. I don't think my names are too out there. Is it weird that I also don't care about which number a name is rated? Sure it is nice to know sometimes but I'd rather like it and have reasons liking it than just picking a name that is high or low on the shelf. On my top girls list i have a Hadley Grace and  I actually noticed last night on they had the top names of 2012 up and Hadley was on it, new on the chart too. Ofcourse Grace is there too but it went down some this year. I think it's funny how Willow went down on the list and I actually took off a Willow from my list. 

Me: I don't think it's weird! I think if you like a name you like it. A number shouldn't matter. When did you tell your friends and family about your love to baby names? How did/do your family and friends react to your love for baby names?
Lyndsey: Yup! It took forever! Never would have got done if I didn't make a list and kept coming up with stuff to ask. Nobody in my family knows nor my friends. My little secret I guess. I doubt people would come to me for names either if they knew. 

Me: No in my family knows either!  On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your love/addiction/obsession for baby names?
Lyndsey: I really don't know since sometimes I get sick of certain names I have, or sick of seeing so much name spam in my inbox, especially if it's the same questions over and over but most girls aren't bad at doing that. I feel like Raya (theatomicbelle) would probably think I meant her with all the Marin and Charlie names but I'm speaking in general. I think the love of names could be anywhere from a five to eight? Just depends how much fun I'm having with everyone while at it, along with how I like my own names and others. I think it's cute when Maddox (quesowifmanzana) talks names with me and a few others. 

Me: I like the way you ranked it! You put a new way of thinking into it. What is the reason behind your formspring name?
Lyndsey: yay secret baby namers lol. Just my initials and the year i was born - 1987. Lyndsey Nicole R. (Don't feel like posting my last name) I basically use a different username for pretty much everything and just wanted to use something different here and that has worked for me. I also used it as my listography username incase formspringers wanted to find me easier. Also something easy to remember!

Me: Secret namers all the way! It's so easy to remember! When have to use your username for something I always remember it. Do you have a favorite baby namer (YouTube, blog, formspring, etc.)?
Lyndsey: Wow, this one is hard! I don't really tend to watch baby name videos on youtube unless someone on formspring links it. But i have enjoyed watching @AllAboutBabyNames, @everythingbabynames (love her accent!), @AnastasiaRuby, @LunaScarlett / hpfreak54, @Winterrrose / Preppi1O1. I'm probably missing some key poeple but it's hard remembering names from formspring and youtube. I usually watch fashion videos more than name ones. I don't think i have a favorite name blogger... Mostly like fashion bloggers more too or haven't found one that I liked - besides yourself. I do have one namer on tumblr ( I guess for formspring it would be the above people and so many others. It would take all day to list them all! Such amazing girls.

Me: That is hard! I could never name everyone I love on formspring. The baby name games on tumblr is mine!!!!! I really should update it haha. Do you have a #1 fan on your listography and/or formspirng or someone who you talk to a lot because of them?
Lyndsey: I feel like most of the other namers don't really talk to me unless you consider saying "thank you" after i answer something from them talking. Can get annoying at times when they only say that but its understandable too. @ElloLC and @Wellhello29 are pretty good talkative people. I'm not sure if i have a fan or not. Maybe Raya since she said i was one of her first friends over there? I think i mostly talk to non-namers or a good mix of people. Got to love my anons too. One of them told me how much he/she loved the name Clementine, it was cute.

Me: I really need to start talking to people more, especially you. Awww anons can be so cute! What inspired you to make a formspring and listography besides baby names? 
Lyndsey: That is great! Knew it was someone on fs XD Same here about talking with people. The people on yahoo inspired me to make formspring. I have only heard about listography from namers but it didn't make me want to make one for names when i first made it. I have some music, favorite fashion bloggers, favorite fashion youtubers and some other things listed on my listography. 

Me: Yeah! I know that some formspringers were on y!A but I didn't know a lot of it started on there! Where do you find your baby names at?
Lyndsey: I know if Maddox reads this he'll think I'm weird since i have a folder on my laptop with 15 different sites. Most are sites i heard other namers talk about and looked at a few times. I think I use the most, especially since i learned how to do the searches by the letter it starts with, ends with, the origin, even syllables if needed. Behindthename would probably be my 2nd favorite since it has more cultural names. is always my favorite if I'm looking for more names but I'm not sure what exactly that I want to find. The one thing i hate about that site is the advertisement in the right corner. I even find names from some formspringers.

Me: I like for when I am looking for names of a certain origin or meaning. Nymbler is so cool to find names that are similar to my other names. Do you know anyone in real life that has a formspring/YouTube/blog?
Lyndsey: I know that some of my friends joined formspring but they never came back onto it. I must know someone with a youtube channel but nobody is coming to mind besides online people. If they have a blog i don't know it, unless it is tumblr then i might.

Me: I don't really know anyone in real life who has any of those things. These are the last 3 questions! Random fact about you?
Lyndsey: I love that about nymbler. Usually get some good ones. I also enjoy the ones where you get to vote on the names you like more on fs. Happy Friday! The author Jane Austen has the name birthday as me - December 16th. Missleigh19 from formspring does too!

Me: That's so cool! I don't share my brithday with anyone :( What did you think of this interview?
Lyndsey: I felt like I was writing a book in some of the answers I wrote but besides that it was fun! I've never done any blogger interviews so it was different for me. I also enjoyed getting to know you a bit better too! Thanks

Me: I loved getting to know you more! We need to talk more! You're welcome Is there anything else you would like to add?
Lyndsey: I hope you and all your readers have a happy holiday!!

Me: Thanks so much! I hope you have a Happy Holiday too!

So that’s the interview. I had so much fun doing it and getting to know Lyndsey more. She is great to talk to so you should all go and follow her on formspring. Thanks again Lyndsey for doing the interview. I’m sorry this was up late. We had a mix up with the interviews with people and emails. Because it was up so late I will not be doing a post tomorrow. I hope you liked it and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :)

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