Friday, February 1, 2013

Mom Interview: Kingsley, Quinton, and Theodore

Not her baby
Hey guys! I am back with another mom interview! This time mom Kinglsey talks about how she named her sons, Quinton and Theodore. It was so fun to hear how she choose the names and I think everyone will really enjoy it as well. So let’s get started. 

1.       What is your baby(ies) name(s) (Include middle if you like)?
Quinton Daniel, born March 23rd, 2011 and Theodore George, born October 31st, 2012

2.       Do you have any nicknames you use?
We call Quinton, 'Quin' for short and Theodore is 'Teddy'. Although, we also have some other nicknames for them. We call Quinton 'Mookie' and Teddy we call 'Clumpy Lumpy'

3.       What names did you have picked out for the other gender?
1st Pregnancy, if he were a girl would have been Phoebe Lorraine. 2nd Pregnancy, if he were a girl would have been Norah Lorraine or Norah Ann. (My Grandmother and I share a middlename(Ann). If the baby were a girl and was born on 11/5(grandma's bday) I would have shared the middle name...alas I had two amazing boys.

4.       Was the baby named after anyone? If so, who?
The first names are just names that we had liked. The middle names have meaning. Daniel being my Fiance's name and George being my (future) Father-in-law's name.

5.       Did you know the meaning before you choose the name?

6.       Who helped in picking the name?
My Fiance and I had the final vote but we would always 'run' names by our families to see if they had liked them. After driving everyone around me crazy, FI and I decided that we would select a name and not tell anyone until the birth.

7.       Did you use a book or website to help pick the names?
We didn't use any books or websites. We kinda just threw names at each other :)

8.       Is there anything you would like to add about how you named your baby?
After we named both our children someone had asked us if we were Roosevelt 'fans'? I had replied that we weren't 'fans' and I had asked them why they were wondering. Little did we know, Theodore Roosevelt had a few children two of which were named Quinton(actual name had a different spelling) and Theodore. I thought it was pretty cool that we had named our children after two of the President's children without even thinking about it :)

So that is the wonderful interview. I really enjoyed hearing from Kingsley. Thanks for doing the interview Kingsley! If you would like to be interviewed email me and we can start the interview. I hope you liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :)

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  1. Gorgeous sibset! Congratulations on your sons and their names.

    (That's funny about the Roosevelts).

    1. I know! haha Her names are just so cute!

  2. Fun post! I really like Quinton Daniel =)



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