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"Rare" Names: J Girl Names

Hey all! We are back with the J girl names. I am just a posting machine lately! I found out how easy it is to post via the app. I have had the app but never know how to use it. Now I use it and get more post out! I'm loving it and I hope you are too. Anyway back to the post. I have a love hate relationship with J names. So names I love and others I can't stand. Their are times when don't like any J names. So let's get started.

Sweet pea Juniper Arwen

Jamila (jah-MIL-uh, jah-MEE-luh)
  • Meaning- lovely
  • Origin- Arabic
  • Siblings- Ayanna and Stefan
I had never heard of Jamila better doing this post. It's really sweet and exotic. I have heard of and like the name Mila. Mila would make a perfect nickname for Jamila. Out of the 2 pronunciations I like jah-MEE-uh. It makes more sense to me because of the Mila part.

  • Meaning. Simplified form of Jeannine
  • Origin- English
  • Siblings- Rhonda and Darren
Janine sounds very grandma to me. I can't image it on a little baby or little girl but it would make a great middle name. I'm not really liking the spelling either. 

  • Meaning- diminutive of Jean
  • Origin- French
  • Siblings- Marianne and Lawrence 
Jeanette is very dated to me. If I meet a baby named Jeanette today I would be pleasantly surprised. This would make a really good middle name and seems to go with most names. 

  • Meaning- dove
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Philippa and Homer
The first thing I think of when I hear Jemima is the syrup. Growing up I loved the name Jemima. I always thought it was so cool. Now I would consider it a guilty pleasure name for me. 

  • Meaning- Son of Johannes
  • Origin- Finnish, Danish, and Norwegian
  • Siblings- Arden and Paxton 
At first I didn't like the name Jensen on a girl but since doing this post it has really grown on me. You can use the nicknames Jen and Jenny, whereas for a boy they wouldn't be possible. This is another name I would consider adding to my guilty pleasure list. It's just very spunky and upbeat to me.

  • Meaning- feminine form of Jerry
  • Origin- American
  • Siblings- Vicki and Curt
I don't like Jeri at all! It's too nickname for me and it sounds like it should be on a old man. I would be able to tolerate it as a nickname but it would still bother me. 

  • Meaning- jasmine
  • Origin- French and Persian
  • Siblings- Felicity and Prescott 
This is such a pretty name. It's so refreshing to hear Jessamine instead of Jessica. It's nice and long and the nickname Jessi is really cute. 

  • Meaning- not exalted
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Salome and Jericho
I have heard some bad things about this name. I do know some people on formspring like this name and I personally don't think it is a bad name. It's cute and it also looks cool. 

  • Meaning- youthful
  • Origin- Latin
  • Siblings- Tina and Scott
I don't like the name Jill but that is really only because I have had a bad association with a Jill. It's cute as a nickname for Jillian and Jillian as a whole is a nice name. 

  • Meaning- Short form of Jo- names
  • Origin- English, German, and Dutch
  • Siblings- Gail and Ted
Jo is such a cute nickname but I don't like it as a full name. It looks incomplete on its own. If it was spelled Joe I would think it was a boy so the spelling Jo, although it looks incomplete, is what I would use for a girl. 

  • Meaning- God is gracious
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Carol and Gene 
Joan is a name I have heard only on people in their 30's or older. It's a great middle name but I don't like it on a baby. 

  • Meaning- Variant of Joan
  • Origin-English
  • Siblings- Peggy and Dale
I have a really good family friend named Joanne. I think her name is really sweet and personally Joanne would make a great middle name. If I was going to use a Jo- name it would be either Johannah or Joanna. They both look more girl in comparison to Joanne. 

  • Meaning- Variant of Jody
  • Origin- English
  • Siblings- Lori and Bart
I love the name Jodi! It's short and sweet. I also like the author Jodi Picoult and using Jodi as a middle name would be a nice way to honor my love for reading. 

  • Meaning- Feminine form of Joseph
  • Origin- Spanish, Portuguese, and Czech
  • Siblings- Rafaela and Bertram 
I'm not a fan of Josefa. For me to say Josefa it's awkward. It also sounds and looks very boyish.  

  • Meaning- Diminutive of Judith
  • Origin- English
  • Siblings- Lynda and Dennis
For some reason, unknown to me, I really love the name Judy. It's sweet. Now I don't like Judith with the nickname Judy and that happens a lot to me. I like a nickname but no full name. Some people may say Judy is dated and it is but I still think it can be usable. 

  • Meaning- From the month name
  • Origin- English
  • Siblings- Marjorie and Clark
June can go either way in the dated department. Some people consider it dated, while overs don't. It is making its comback and I have been hearing a lot about this name over the last few months. I personally like it as both a nickname and a middle name. This is a name I can see becoming a fuller middle name because it goes with almost every name! 

  • Meaning-Queen of heaven
  • Origin- Latin
  • Siblings- Magdalene and Matthias
I love the names Juniper, and June so I'm not surprised that I love Junia. It sounds so different and with the names June and Juniper becoming more popular its nice to hear Junia.It also looks pretty and is easy to spell. I may add this name to my long list.

  • Meaning- From the English word for the type of tree
  • Origin- English
  • Siblings- Clementine and Barnaby 
I love the name Juniper! Right now Juniper is in my top 10 list. I have it paired with Tess. It is also the name of a tree and a much lesser known nature name. I like the nickname Junie and it may sound familiar to you if you read the Junie B. Jones books growing up. 

  • Meaning- Queen of heaven
  • Origin- Latin
  • Siblings- Isis and Thor
The very first time I heard the name Juno was when the movie came out, making that the first thing I think of when I hear the name. The second thing I think of is the phrases "You Know". I know it doesn't make much sense but it's because of the Alaska capital joke.

So there you have it! The long list of "rare" J names for girls. I'm actually surprised that I would names that I liked and hadn't heard of before! I am thinking there won't be a post up tomorrow because I am very busy but there will hopefully be on up Friday. Be sure to check back soon.

 What is your favorite J girl name of all time?
What is one nickname you like but don't like any full names for?
What is one name people find dated but you love? 

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  1. ohmygosh I love Juniper Arwen as a name!

    1. Isn't it so cute!? Her full name on her birth certificate was Juniper Arwen Anemone Sagan Donner Hermes LAST NAME. It's a grand name.

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  3. Thanks so much for sharing such an awesome list of baby names. We are researching on baby girl names and found this article so helpful.



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