Tuesday, November 19, 2019

8 Great Mountain Names

Am I the only one who sees fall as all the nature things? Like it is my time to hike and go into the woods. Leaves changing colors and falling. Deer and chipmunks. Now, I'll hike any time of the year but fall just intensifies my souls need for the forest. We are coming up on the end of fall here in Pennsylvania. It was very short lived as snow is in the forecast. Mountains are one of the main places you can go hiking. I feel like mountains are the connecting factor between fall and winter. You have the trees with falling leaves but also the snow mountain tops. I'm easing my way into winter with this fun mountain post!

Everest- Tallest Mountain, Everett's Son; German  
A name that's been around since 1865 when the mountain was given its official English name. In recent times it has been seen as a modern take on Everett. Everest is not ranked yet for the top 1000 names of U.S. but Everett is in the top 100. Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on earth with its snowy caps and record settings. 

Rocky- Rest; Italian 
Rocky is often associated with the fictional boxer from Philadelphia but it has some more nature like associations. Theres just rocks in general and then there's the Rocky Mountains that spam across Canada and the United States. My favorite way to use Rocky as a name? A nickname for Peter, which means rock! 

Rainier- Advice Army; French 
Washington state is home to Mount Rainier, which is actually a volcano. The name is not only a nature name but can also be found in European royalty. Prince Rainier III was the prince of Monaco from 1949 to 2015. I think Rain is a kick ass name for a boy! 

Olympus- From Mount Olympus; Greek 
Greece's highest mountain range is Mount Olympus. It is the home of the Greek gods. The name encompasses all he Greek god names so if you want to use more than one Greek god name this is the name for you! Make the name more modern with the nickname Ollie. 

Elbert- Bright and Noble; Dutch 
Elbert is a great alternative for Albert. Eli would make a nice modern nickname. or you can go old school chi with Bert. Mount Elbert is the highest peak in the North American part of the Rocky mountains. Its located in Colorado and the state's highest point. 

Sierra- Mountain Range; Spanish 
Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in the western United States. Parents started borrowing the mountain's name back in the 1970s and it became most popular in the 1990s. Since then it has been on a downward slope of popularity but as of 2018 still sits in the top 500. With its western originates the name can be seen as a cowgirl desert name. 

Shasta- White and Pure Mountain; Native American, A Teacher; Sanskrit
Shasta is a nice edgy alternative to Sasha. Mount Shasta is a potentially active volcano in California. Native American tribes saw the mountain range as a scared place and would have probably used it for rituals. You may see the name floating around grocery stores on soda cans. Look them up they have some pretty cool flavors! 

Logan- Little Hollow; Irish
Mount Logan is located in Canada and the countries highest peak. The name is unisex but is much more popular for boys. It ranks at #10 for 2018 and only #309 for girls. In its native country of Scotland the name is uber popular. The name started as a surname before working its way to the other side. 

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