Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Twin Names: Same Initial {Girls}

Naming twins can be hard and when it comes to twin names there are some strong sides. Some people thinks that twins should have completely different names. While others believe that twins should have similar names in sound, letter, or theme. For those of you who say twins should have matching initials I have a whole list of twin girl names. I tried to pair names that go together but don't have super similar sounds. What are your favorite ones?

Arielle and Addelyn 
Bellamy and Britta
Capri and Calla
Daisy and Dolly
Eleanor and Etta
Felicity and Freya 
Gloria and Georgina 
Hazel and Honora 
Iris and Imogen 
Juliet and Jana 
Kaia and Keturah
Lavender and Lorelei 
Mavis and Myla
Naomi and Neva 
Octavia and Odessa
Pippa and Phoebe 
Quinley and Qiana
Romy and Rosalie 
Scarlett and Sylvia 
Tova and Temperance 
Una and Ursula
Vada and Viola 
Winifred and Willodean
Xena and Xavia
Yasmin and Yelena
Zelie and Zipporah

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