Thursday, November 7, 2019

Prestigious Names

When you hear the word prestigious what do you think? I think of an upper east side banker or a designer clothes wearing stay at home mom. I was browsing on instagram on day and came across the name Wescott. Then I saw Sinclair and was like wow those names were so prestigious. Thus the list started! I collected a few names I find prestigious and decided to turn them into a blog post.

Wescott- West Cottage; English
If you want a more unique alternative to Wesley and Weston, Wescott is the way to go. You have two spelling to pick from Wescott and Westcott. I personally like the name without the extra T. I find names ending in -ott cool and different. Other options include Abbott, Eliott, and Talbot.

Belmont- Beautiful mountain; French
As if I didn't already adore this name I found out the meaning. There is just something about an unexpected nature meaning like that. I immediately picture snowy covered mountains in Utah, a peaceful scene. A similar name you may like more than Belmont is Beaumont.

Salinger- Saint Leger; French
This literary honor names should be used so much more! J.D. Salinger wrote the classic, The Catcher in the Rye. Salinger is a nice surname fitting in with other -er surname turned first names. I adore Sal as a nickname. If Salinger is too out there why not try Holden or Atticus.

Crosby- Village with Crosses; Irish
I love myself some Irish surnames! Bing Crosby is a vintage actor and musician most famous for his "White Christmas". In modern times you have Sidney Crosby, a Canadian ice hockey player currently playing on Pittsburgh Penguins. I have to point out I am a Philly girl and my city is not a fan of the Penguins. Surnames and -y ending surnames are all the rage and throughout the top 1000 names. Crosby ranks in the 600s for 2018 and may just move up the charts.

Yates- Gatekeeper; English
Yates is a preppy surname you can find on many famous and historical personnel throughout history. With very few Y names in the universe, Yates makes a family pick. You get a unique name that people will have no problem saying or spelling. I will always throw out the name Gates, a similar name to Yates and perfect for a prestigious young boy.

Davy- Diminutive of David(Beloved); English
Davy comes from the name David used throughout time primarily on boys. The most familiar association with dove is Davy Jones' locker, a folktale about dead sailors and shipwrecks. The name works wonders on its own but can also be a nickname for Davina and Davis. Davis is a great prestigious name as well!

Sinclair- Saint Clair; English
Sinclair is an English surname used for both genders. I personally enjoy the name on girls most likely due to the Clair aspect of the name. Claire is much more popular and classic while Sinclair is exotic and unusual. The name makes a nice alternative to the classic name while still seeming like the proper girl.

Bronwyn- White, Fair, Blessed Breast; Welsh
In Wales the feminine spelling of the name is Bronwen, where as the -wyn is the masculine version. In America parents like to use y's to make names more feminine. Bronwyn isn't very common in the U.S. only being given to 63 babies in 2018. It fits with the tons of Br- names in the top 1000 like Brooklyn, Brielle, and Brianna just to name a few.

Cricket started out as a nickname for Chris- names such as Christine and was used all the way back in 2013 by Busy Philipps for her daughter. It is virtually unheard of as a name and often times if you do meet a Cricket is just a nickname. Animal names are gaining popularity and Cricket can fall into the category. It also doubles as a sports name. And I can't talk about Cricket without mentioning Jiminy Cricket from Disney's Pinocchio.

Sterling- Excellent, Little Star; English
To me prestigious names for girls usually include surnames and more masculine names. Sterling is a name used more often on boys, currently ranking at #406 and not at all for girls. In Britain sterling is associated with money and currency. Across the pond, I more times than not associate the name with the metal sterling silver. The name is said to possibly come from the starling bird.

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