Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Twin Names: Same Initial {Boys}

I know there are many parents out there who want to know their twins with the same initial and that is ok! Just like its ok to name kids with the same first letter. Below I have boy names that start with the same first initial but I tried to pick names that don't sound too similar together.

Alaric and Asher
Bennet and Bodhi
Callum and Connor
Dalton and Derrick 
Ellis and Ewan
Fisher and Florian 
Grady and Gallagher
Henry and Holden 
Ian and Issac 
Julian and Jacob
Kyson and Keller 
Lawson and Luca
Miles and Matteo
Noam and Nikolai 
Otis and Ozzy
Phillip and Patrick
Quest and Qiumby 
Rocco and Rufus
Shephard and Sullivan
Thatcher and Truman
Ulysses and Umberto
Victor and Vaughn
Winston and Willoughby
Xavier and Xylon
Yates and Yule
Zepplin and Zoro 

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