Thursday, November 21, 2019


Today my little sister turns 19 and what better name to feature than her name! She is named Shannon and if you couldn't tell we are Irish. Out of the 3 of us I would say that she has the most unique name. In 2000, when she was born he name was at #152. The name has some fun history and if I am being honest I am kind of jealous of her!

Meaning and History
The name comes from the longest river in Ireland called River Shannon. It's Irish name is Abha an tSionainn. Some sources associate the river with the goddess Sionann. Legend has it she went to a well seeking wisdom after being warned against it and the well swelled her up drowning her. The stories can be flipped around and some believe the goddess was named after the river and the name comes from the Irish sen meaning old, ancient.

There are 7 rivers of knowledge that flow from Connla's Well. Connla's Well is the well of wisdom of the Celtic underworld. Legends say that there are 9 scared trees around the well that drop red fruit. You can gain wisdom by eating the fruit or the salmon in the waters.

The name can mean little wise one, a play on the goddess seeking wisdom. I have read that Shannon can derive from the name Sionna meaning possessor of wisdom. The general theme of the name is centered around having wisdom.

Shannon, as a girls name, first came onto the top 1000 charts in 1937 at #939. It didn't become super popular until the 1970s with 1976 being its most popular year at #17. You could find the name in the top 50 from 1969 until 1987.  In 2014 the name dropped off the charts and hasn't been back since. When the 2018 charts were released only 148 baby girls.

As for boys the name came onto the top 1000 in 1938 at #991. The name never ranked above #94 for any year. Surprisingly the 1970s were Shannon as a boy names most popular years. just like for girls. Unlike the girls, boy Shannons fell off the charts after 2006. 2018 gave us 67 new baby boys with the names.

Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars is actually named Shannon Ashley! How cool is the nickname Shay for Shannon. The name Shannon Mitchell is also the name of a fictional character in ER.

Reality tv star Shannon Beador can be found on real Housewives of Orange Country. Then you have Shannon Lee Miller an American olympic gymnast in the 1990s.

It you want tog go down he science route you can name your daughter Shannon after Shannon Matilda Wells Lucid, an American biochemist and retired NASA astronaut. She once held the record for the longest stay in space.

Name Combo Suggestions 
Shannon Elise
Shannon Margerite 
Shannon Rosalie
Shannon Noelle
Shannon Lou

Lorelei Shannon
Avery Shannon
Eve Shannon
Juliette Shannon
Penelope Shannon 


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