Thursday, November 14, 2019

Boy Virtue Names

Virtue names are a trend popular among baby girls. You have Faith, Hope, and Grace all in the top 300 in the SSA name charts. But when it comes to boy names it is hard find some good names or really any at all. Since we are in November and the season of virtue names I thought this list would only be fitting. I complied a list of some great virtue names for boys below. Tell me which ones I missed!

Prosper- In France, Prosper is fairly popular and was once used often in Puritan times. A little boy Prosper is destined to succeed.

Able- Swap around the spieling of the biblical name Abel and you have a virtue name. It enplanes a little boy who is able to do anything.

Earnest- To be earnest is to be serious and sincere about something. Ernest is the alternative spelling to Earnest and by removing the a you get a virtue name.

Worth- With a name like Worth, a little boy would be able to see his worth in this world. The name brings to mind Wentworth Miller.

Bravery- I have come across a few babies brewing the middle name Bravery and let me just tell you it is the best surprise. The name brings to mind a picture of strength and patriotism.

Clement- If Mercy is too much for you Clement is another option with the same meaning. Clement was bestowed onto 13 popes over time and countless saints. It has history!

Lucky- Luck is amazing to have. Many people may think the name is only useful for a dog but I think having Lucky in the middle name spot is to die for!

Justice- The word spelling of the name is Justice but you may also spell if Justus keeping the same meaning. A nice alternative to Justin. Besides is virtue meaning it also brings to mind a judge (bringing justice).

Concord- Concord is being in harmony with people. There is nothing better than being in agreement with people living in a world were you can love someone no matter what they look like.

Valor- To have great courage is to have Valor. A name that fits perfectly with other boy names ending in the -er sound of modern times.

Wisdom- I firmly believe that you can obtain wisdom in a number of ways. Everyone can have wisdom of some sort. Nickname Wise and man you have a great name!

Wit- I adore Wit, especially as a nickname for Walter, Whittaker, and Wyatt. Wit as a word is to have clever intelligence. As a name it means to be alive.

Soul- I love to say it is well with my soul. One's mind, will, and emotions joined together is someone's soul. Soul is the all encompassing being of a person.

Knightly- If you want a name the encompasses a wide range of virtue names Knightly is the perfect name. To be a knight is to be brave, loyal, noble, equal and so much more.

Trust- Trust is something that is gained and not just given. When you lose trust it can be hard to get back but to have Trust in someone is invaluable. Trust is like the less common True of the naming world.

Pride- I hope everyone experiences Pride at some point in there lives. There is no better feeling than to have Pride in something.

Meek- To be meek is to be gentle and quiet. I read a quote that I had to share "Meakness is not weakness. It is courage under control." It is ok to be Meek. The name is short and has that short sound at the end.

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