Friday, April 26, 2013

Mom Interview: Stephanie and Juliette

Hey all! I didn’t have a Mom Interview last week because time got the best of me but I do have one this week! This week is a fellow baby namer, Stephanie! Her youtube is AnastasiaRuby. She was the very first baby namer I watched on youtube and she showed me that there were other namers out there. Now she has a beautiful daughter named Juliette. To see how she chose Juliette’s name keep reading!
Sweet Little Juliette
What is your baby's name (Include middle if you like)?
Juliette Elena

 Do you have any nicknames you use?

What names did you have picked out for the other gender?
We were deciding between Holden and Lucian.

Was the baby named after anyone? If so, who?
Elena is a combination of the sounds in Elizabeth (my mother-in-law's middle name) and Dana (my mom's first name).

Did you know the meaning before you choose the name?
Yes, but it wasn't important to me.

Who helped in picking the name?
Just my husband and I.

Did you use a book or website to help pick the names?

Is there anything you would like to add about how you named your baby?
We wanted a name that was recognizable but not popular. We chose the French spelling because of my French-Canadian background. 

How did you loving baby names affect the way you choose Juliette's name and were you ever afraid you wouldn't love her name anymore? 
It was difficult to put all the other names I love aside and just choose one! Once in a while, I imagine what it would be like if we had given her one of my other favourite names, but I've never worried that I picked the wrong one, or that I'd stop liking the name Juliette. I like it so much more now that I associate it with my beautiful baby girl :)

I added in the last question because I felt like it fit and was a great question to ask. I really enjoyed getting to interview someone I look up to. I hope you all enjoyed this interview and be sure to check out her channels. Bye for now :)

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  1. I love Stephanie, and her daughter is adorable! She inspired me to start my own baby name site, too.

    1. I love your videos! They are so interesting and I wish you did more! Stephanie is definitely an inspiration, especially the naming community.

    2. Thank you so much! I just had my baby in November, so my name videos have definitely slowed. I find myself blogging a lot more because it's easier. I hope to have a new video up soon, though!
      I love your blog, by the way!

    3. You're welcome! I love his name! Judah is such a cute name. I didn't realize I wasn't following your blog! I am know. Thanks so much!

  2. Congratulations to Stephanie on her gorgeous new baby - what a beautiful name!

    Stephanie covered some Australian names from my blog on one of her videos, and even picked a couple as her favourite names.

    1. Her daughter is definitely gorgeous baby! I love her videos and the way she includes other people.



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