Friday, April 12, 2013

Mom Interview: Shannon and Alice

Little Alice Leigh!
Hey everyone! Welcome back for the next Mom Interview! I’m sorry the post before this one is Mom Interview but I didn’t have time this week to post anything. I am really working on that and trying my very best to get on a schedule. Today’s mom Interview is Shannon! I found her on tumblr and had a great time interviewing her! So let’s get started. 

What is your baby(ies) name(s) (Include middle if you like)?
Our daughter is named Alice Leigh
 Do you have any nicknames you use?
Not really, outside from the terms of endearment like "honey," and "baby girl." Well, I suppose she does have one. We call her Duckie every now and then, and that was her nickname in the womb. I expect as she gets older she'll be called Aly.
What names did you have picked out for the other gender?
I had my heart set on Desya Ivan. However, my fiance wasn't fond of it, so we ended up opting for Korben Desya. Needless to say, that's going to be what our next child will be named if we have a son!
Was the baby named after anyone? If so, who?
My Mom's best friend's mother. She was a huge influence in my life growing up, and she was the most perfect woman I ever knew. I loved her so much, and it just tore me apart inside when she lost the battle to cancer. I only hope she's looking down at us from Heaven, and feels the same amount of pride that I do in my daughter.
 Did you know the meaning before you choose the name?
Yes. Alice means "noble" and "sweet," both of which I expect my child will be later on in life, if she's anything like her parents. Leigh means "from the meadow or wood," which basically makes her name kind of fairy-ish. "Noble from the meadow or wood?" Sounds like a nymph to me! (and she very much acts like one.)
Who helped in picking the name?
It's a little embarrassing to admit, but I had my heart set on this name pretty much out of high school, when I decided that one day I would like a family. It basically became "this it the name I want, you deal with it."
Did you use a book or website to help pick the names?
Not at all. I did when I was looking for boy's names, but I just knew with her.
Is there anything you would like to add about how you named your baby?
I was definitely looking for a more uncommon name that didn't have weird spelling. Her name came to me as just something that was so pretty, yet uncommon. So luckily for her, when she gets into school, she won't be the fifth or sixth one with her name. Maybe it'll save her the embarrassment later on in life of "your name is spelled how?"

So there is Shannon’s interview. Here is her tumblr: I really enjoyed reading all of her answers and getting a little insight on how she picked her names. I personally love the name Alice. I hope everyone liked this and don’t forget to comment. Bye for now :)

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