Saturday, April 13, 2013

Link Up Number 2: Guilty Pleasure Names

Hey guys! Happy Saturday! How was everyone’s week?  I hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying their day! So I’m here to do the link up with Jamie from The Baby Name Nook. I am late again but I still want to do it so I am. This was a little bit hard to come up with names then the last link up. I think it is because I am an adventurous namer as it is. The question for this week is:

What are names you love, but will never use?  Why?!

So I did come up with some names. Here they are:

  • Reece- This is my cousin’s name.  
  • Silver/Sylver- It’s too guilty pleasure for me.
  • Seal/Ceal- Again too guilty pleasure
  • Haetley- This name was an accident. I meant to spell Hartley and instead I spelled that. I say it like Hate-lee but fast. It’s just too Guilty Pleasure
  • Ryan- This is my brother’s name and also a name I know a lot of people with.
  • Sprayer- This is my biggest guilty pleasure for boys! I love it but it’s not even a name!

So as you can see most the names are out there and ones I wouldn’t use. What are your Guilty Pleasures? Let me know in the comments below. That’s all for now. Bye :)

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