Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Rare" Names: I Boy Names

Hey all! How is everyone doing this fine day? The work week has just started but hopefully this interesting list of I names will make it better. I'm not really a fan of I names for boys so it was interesting to see which names I liked and which names I didn't.
Sweet Baby Boy Ike

  • Meaning- laughter
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Mazie and Abe
Ike is a really cute name. I much prefer it as a nickname as opposed to a full first name. The first name that comes to mind as a full name is Iskander. Its a name I heard on formspring and I really like it. I may add it to my longer list with the nickname Ike. As for Ike on its own, it's very spunky and different. It sounds like it belongs on the cool kid.

Irving (ER-ving)
  • Meaning- Green or fresh water
  • Origin- Gaelic
  • Siblings- Ethel and Harvey
I don't really like Irving all to much. It reminds me of a word to much. I do think it could grow on me but I can't see it on a baby.

Ivor (IY-vohr)
  • Meaning- yew, bow army
  • Origin- Scandinavian and Norse
  • Siblings- Sidony and Piers
Ivor sounds very Russian to me. I picture a muscular man when I hear the name Ivor. Again, as with Irving, I can't see this on a baby or child. It just sounds too strong and grown for a little boy.

So the only name I liked was Ike and I am really considering adding this to my long list with Iskander. I was actually surprised as how much I liked Ike but at the same time I wasn't surprised at how much I didn't like Irving and Ivor. I'll leave you with some questions as I did last time. Did you like them last time?

What is your favorite I boy name of all time?
Are there names that you like but don't think age well?
What is one name that you were surprised you liked? 

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