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"Rare" Names: J Boy Names

I have some "rare" names for you today. It's the J names for boys. I'm beginning to wonder how "rare" these names are. After the last post a lot of them aren't "rare" but instead aren't in the the top 1000 any more.
Handsome Judd

Jabez (JAY-behz, JAH-behz)
  • Meaning- borne in pain
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Keziah and Azriel
At first I didn't like this name but after seeing it I think I kind of like it. I don't like it enough to put it on my long list but I like it enough that I don't hate it. It's cute but also uncommon so I can see it being mispronounced and maybe misspelled all the time. You could use it as a middle name though. 

Japheth (JAY-feth, JA- feth)
  • Meaning- May he expand
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Dinah and Boaz
I don't like this name. It is hard to pronounce and too out there for me. I know you are probably surprised :).  I think it's because it is a Hebrew name and I usually don't like Hebrew names.

  • Meaning- Friend of God
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Nell and Kip
I love this as a nickname for Jedidiah. It also reminds me of Star Wars. I think this is a really cute name for is very edgy, if that makes any sense. As for the name as a full name, I don't like it. It's too short for me to see it as a good first name. 

  • Meaning- beloved by the lord
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Susannah and Zachariah
This is probably my favorite J boy name. I first heard it on 19 Kids and Counting and was like "That's a really cool name!" Since them It has always been on my long list. Jed is a cute nickname name. Although I am usually not a huge fan of both Hebrew names and names that end in the a sound for boys, Jedidiah Is an exception.

  • Meaning- city of the moon
  • Origin- Arabic
  • Siblings- Acadia and Samson
I love the name Jericho! I do know it's a city in the bible. I have seen the name Jericho used once on a little boy. Rico is so cute as nickname too.

  • Meaning-eminent
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Zilla and Amos 
I'm surprised but I really like this name. I found have to put it on my guilty pleasure list though. It's said exactly how its spelled so I don't see problems with the pronunciation. 

Joss (JAHS)
  • Meaning- a member of the Germanic tribe
  • Origin- German
  • Siblings- Britt and Rafe
I don't like the name Joss. It looks strange to me and I just can't get the pronunciation down right.It still makes a great name if you can pronounce it right.

  • Meaning- down-flowing
  • Origin- Hebrew
  • Siblings- Reba and Gabe
I love the name Judd! It sounds so country and cute. The Bates family from United Bates of America have a son named Judd and that was the first time I heard it. They are very country and I think that's why I picture Judd on a country boy.He was also a cute baby.

  • Meaning- variant of Julius
  • Origin. French
  • Siblings- Alma and Giles
I'm not a fan of Jules at all. It sounds too girly and incomplete to me. I think I may like it if it was a nickname that was used only sometimes. 

  • Meaning- the supreme god
  • Origin- Latin
  • Siblings- Tempest and Orion
I really can't see this name as a real name. All I can think about is the planet and space. It would make a nice middle name if you loved space.

These J names are really all over the place in popularity. So I haven't heard of but others I have. You may know more or less than me; it really all depends on how many names you hear and things like that. I hope you liked that and I am going to leave you with some questions. Just Answer them i

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