Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Unique Flower Names

Hey guys! I am back again! I’m going to talk all about flower names. I got this idea from reading a book. The book follows the story of a family over a few generations. Lilibeth is the oldest generation and she has a daughter, Violet. Violet had a daughter Iris. Iris broke the pattern and named her daughter Samantha.  Do you see the pattern? They are all flower names in some way. It sparked a blog idea and I am going with it! The names are all uncommon flowers. So let’s get started.

  1. Ambrosia- The flower means reciprocated love.
  2. Betony- The flower meaning is surprise.
  3. Camellia- This flower comes in different colors and each of the colors has a different meaning. The white flowers mean adorable and lovable. The pink means strong desire, and the red means excellence, perfection.
  4. Celandine- The flower meaning is forthcoming joy.
  5. Gerbera- The flower meaning is happiness and cheerful.
  6. Lobelia- The flower means malevolence, arrogance.
  7. Salvia- The flower means wisdom and I always think of you.
  8. Zinnia- This is another flower with different colors and different meanings. The magenta means long-lasting affection. The mixed means thoughts of an absent friend. The pink means lasting affection. The scarlet means constancy. The white means goodness, and the yellow means remembrance.

  1. Aster- The flower means love, contentment, and patience.
  2. Hawthorn- The flower meaning is hope.
  3. Oleander- The flower means beauty and grace.

All of the meanings are for the flowers NOT the name. I used this website to look up the flowers and it also had their meanings. I probably wouldn’t use most of these names as first names but they make great middle names. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I hope you liked this and bye for now :). 

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