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"Rare" Baby Names: I Girl Names

Hello all! It’s been about 2 months since I made a post in the “Rare” baby name series. I haven’t forgotten about it! We are to letter I for those who have forgotten (I know I did!) and it’s girl name time! So let’s get started.

Little Isla
  • Meaning- hardworking
  • Origin- German and Greek
  • Siblings- Elsa and August
I love the name Ida. It can be seen as an old-fashioned name but I can see it making a comeback. It’s very similar to the name Ada and names like Adalyn, and Addison are pretty popular.  I do like Ida as a nickname for names like Idabelle, Idella, and Idelle. Although not very popular in the US, it is ranked at #2 in Denmark, #8 in Norway, and #24 in Sweden.

Ileana (i-lee-AHN-uh)
  • Meaning- God has answered; sun ray, shining light; tree; Trojan
  • Origin- Greek, Norman, and Hebrew
  • Siblings- Sabrina and Tobin
Ileana is an okay name. The thing I don’t like about this name is the spelling. It is the origin spelling and I don’t know of any other way to spell it but to me names the start with Il look funny. The sound of it is beautiful. Iley (i-lee)would make a cute nickname.

  • Meaning- English
  • Origin- maiden
  • Siblings- Eloise and Hugo
Imogen is probably one of my favorite I names for girls. It sounds so pretty and sophisticated. You can find it in the top 100 in English, Australia, and Scotland. Immy (said like Emmy but with an im sound) would make a really cute and different nickname.

Ione (iy-OH-nee)
  • Meaning- violet
  • Origin- Greek
  • Siblings- Clio and Ivor
This name is not something I am a huge fan of. It looks so much like a word and even looks like it beings in a science book. Now with that being said I still think it is a pretty name. I do think it would be mispronounced in the US.

  • Meaning- gift of Isis
  • Origin- Latin and Greek
  • Siblings- Phyllida and Horatio
I don’t like the name Isadora. I have never been a fan of Dora or any names with Dora in them. If it was Isadore I would like that so much more and would use that instead of Isabelle/Isabella.

Isannah (i-SAHN-uh)
  • Meaning- unknown
  • Origin- unkown
  • Siblings- Arabella and Josiah
When I went to look up the meaning of Isannah I couldn’t find anything. I did find out that Isannah was the name of one of Paul Revere’s daughters. He had 16 children and she was the only one with a nontraditional name. I think Isannah is very beautiful to look at and spelled. In a way it reminds me of the name Shannon and I think it would be either a great alternative or a way to honor a Shannon/Shanna.

Isla (Eye-la)
  • Meaning- variant and Islay  
  • Origin- Scottish
  • Siblings- Esme and Nico
For me, I ALWAYS pronounce this name wrong. I say ice-la and I KNOW how to pronounce it. That is the only problem I can think of with this name. With its growing popularity I think that problem is becoming less and less of a problem. I do love the look of the name and I think it is adorable on a little girl.

Those are all of the “rare” names. I did try a new way of writing up these posts. What do you think? I like them better than before because they seem easier to read. Let me know which way you like better. That’s really all for now.  I’m going to end the post with a few questions everyone can answer in the comments. 

What are your favorite names from this list? Least favorite?

What are your favorite I names of all time?

Do you prefer short names (like Ida and Isla) or long names (like Isannah and Isadora)?

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