Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Flowers and Poetry 
Amaryllis flowers are in the same botanical family as Lilies but the name is definitely less popular. A thought I had while writing this was maybe Lily could work as a nickname for Amaryllis. The end of the name sounds very much like Lily. As fort he flower itself, it comes in many different colors but red is the one you will see around Christmas time.

Before the flower there was a heroine named Amaryllis, which is who the flower was named after. Latin poet, Virgil, wrote his poem Eclogues sometime between 33 and 44 BC. You could say the name has a little bit of history around it. 

Christmas Association 
Amaryllis is one of the names on this little countdown that has 2 Christmas associations. The first being as another Christmas flower in hand with poinsettias. The second association has to do with the name meaning, to sparkle. Like I mentioned in my post about Tindra Christmas has look of sparkly things such as lights and glittery snowflakes.

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