Saturday, December 16, 2017


We are 4 days into Namemas and 9 days away from Christmas! I feel like not only is this month flying by but so is the year. Today I have a name that a fellow namer introduced to me a long, long time ago. Tinder was Alexia Mae's first name on her name instagram some years ago! And now I will always think of her when I read the name. 

Foreign Popularity 
Tindra has not caught on in the States but it has over in Sweden. The name first appeared in the 1980s   and was ranked in the top 60 in the early 2010s. In 2015 the name was ranked at #83 but dropped below the top 100 in 2016. Could the popular dating app Tinder have a hand in the falling popularity? Is Tinder popular in Sweden? After a quick google search it seems that Tinder is used in Sweden. 

The only famous Tindra I could find was a Swedish folk musician named Asa Tindra Jinder Otter and it doesn't seem like she goes by Tindra as a first name. On an unrated note there is also a folk band called Tindra in Norway composed of three women. Since it is a Norwegian band they all have cool names, Ã…shild, Jorun, and Irene. I had trouble finding information on these famous Tindra's because all of the information is in a different language. 

Christmas Association 
The holiday season is full of sparkles and glitter. There are always a ton of Christmas lights decorating people's lawns, windows, and trees. Not a single room in my house is safe from the lights including the bathroom. Glitter may be a nuisance every other time of the year but there is just something about having glittery snowflakes in the window or Santa with a glittery red suit sitting on a shelf that adds to the magic of the holiday. 

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