Saturday, December 23, 2017


Occupation and Musical
I started Namemas with an occupational name and I am ending the boys names with an occupational name. Just like Decker, Drummer is on trend with top 100 occupational names like Carter, Sawyer, and Hunter but still hasn't caught on. In October, Julia Stiles had a son named Strummer and although the name isn't much more popular than Drummer it has still been given to more than 5 boys within the last 5 years.

Musical names, like Harmony and Lyric, pop up here and there but you don't hear about Drummer. Its the perfect name for a rock fan or someone who loves to play the percussion instrument. Besides being in a band you could find little boys playing drums on the battlefields bringing an image of bravery and innocence.

Blog Baby
The one known bearer of the name Drummer, as a first name, is the son of blogger Katy from No Big Dill. Back in 2011 little Drummer Zion was born and welcomed by 5 big sisters also with great names. Their names? Olive, Clover, Azure, Pearl, and Divine!

Christmas Association
The Little Drummer Boy was originally known as Carol of the Drum when it was written back in 1941 by Katherine Kennicott Davis. It took 10 years to be recorded for the first time by the Trapp family Singers.

The lyrics in the song talk about a little boy who is summoned by the Three Wise Men to Jesus birth. Because the boy was poor and had no gifts to give he played the drum for Mary. In the original story of Jesus' birth in the gospel there is no little drummer boy.

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