Monday, December 18, 2017


A vintage nickname with not one but two Christmas associations. What more could be better?! 

Mitzi is a German diminutive to the name Maria which comes from Mary, much to my surprise. I tried to find more history on the name but wasn't able to find exactly what I was looking for. One thing I was able to find was full names for Mitzi. The obvious ones are Maria, Marie, and Mary but I know thats not the only ones out there. Other names that work too include Michelle, Dimitri, Carmita, Marietta and Myrtle. Personally I feel like any M name could work here. 

Starting in 1930 all the way to 1979 the name Mitzi ranked in the top 1000. It didn't get much higher than 430 in 1955. Because of the years it was most popular you can feel the vintage nickname feel it has. It fits perfectly with Dottie, Minnie, Fanny, and Birdie, all names I think need more attention. 

Christmas Association
I originally picked Mitzi for Namemas because it is the name of Rudolph's mom in the animated show by GoodTimes. Then I went and started my research and found out immediately that Mitzi is related to the name Mary and Mary is the mother of Jesus. If you have been reading along throughout the week than you might remember I featured Decker and made the association between the name and Joseph. The biblical associations are just making me so happy. 

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