Friday, December 15, 2017


Today's name is a name that is familiar to the Christmas season but definitely not a common name. 

Three Wise Men 
Melchior is one of the three wise men who visited Jesus after his birth. Out of the three names I would have to say that this one is the least used. The only name rankings I could find were from 1901 and 1916 in France. Other than that the name is virtually unheard of outside of the Christmas season. 

Famous Name Wearers
To my surprise there are quite a few famous Melchior's out there, all of which are from foreign countries such as Germany and Austria. The royal family of the Czech Republic had a Melchior in their family. He was the son of Prince Maximilian and Princess Alina Lobkowicz. In Poland there was a saint wearing the name. Painters, novelists, and even a mountaineer can be found around the world and history with this unique name. 

Pop Culture
A rock musical on Broadway called "Spring Wakening" has a main character named Melchior Gabor. The story takes place in Germany so its no surprise there that you can find the name on a character. Another fictional Melchior can be found on the anime tv show, Teen Titans as a villain. Almost the complete opposite of what the biblical Melchior is. 

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  1. This is a great name that had never really occurred to me before. I love Caspar and Balthazar... as you say, why not Melchior? Cool meaning too!



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