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What do James Bond, bats, Marvel comics, and Christmas all have in common with the name Vesper? read on to find out! 

James Bond 
In 2006, the modern James Bond film, Casino Royale, came out introducing so many to the name Vesper through Eva Greene's character, Vesper Lynd. The movie was based on the book by Ian Fleming and in both the movie and book James Bond drinks a "Vesper Martini".

In the novel, the character explains that she was born on a stormy evening and that is why her parents named her Vesper. Vesper means evening star in Latin. It is also believed that Fleming based Vesper Lynd on the Polish agent Krystyna Skarbek working for Special Operations Executive.

Vesper Vivianne Ruck (2010) Daughter of Alan Ruck and Mireille Enos

  • Ruck was in Ferris Buller's Day Off

Vesper Pearl Farrar (2009) Daughter of Sam Farrar and Stephanie Eitel

  • Farrar was a band member in the band Maroon 5 and Eitel is a formal member of the band Agent Sparks
Evangeline-Vesper Lynne Bonner (2009), Daughter of Matt and Nadia Bonner
  • Matt is a retired NBA basketball player who played for the Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs
Roman Mythology 
Vesper is the roman equivalent of Hesperus. He was the evening star or the planet Venus at night. He is son to the goddess of dawn, Eos, and brother to the morning star, Phosphorus. Often times Hesperus and his brother Phosphorus are confused and the names are used inner changeably because they are both personifications of the same planet.

Comics, Places, and Animals
In the Marvel world Vesper is a female mutant and she first appeared in Genetic #1. She has telepathic and technopathic abilities and can control machines and computers.

Vesper Peak is a mountain in Washington state. There are also two unincorporated communities called Vesper in Kansas and Oregon.

What do a mouse, a bird, and a bat all have in common? They all bear the name Vesper. The Vesper bat is the largest and best-known bat family out there while the Vesper sparrow is a medium sized bird.

Christmas Association
The story of the birth of Jesus there is a star, the Star of Bethlehem. In the Gospel of Matthew the three wise men follow that star to the stable Jesus was born in the bring him gifts. Vesper is a perfect way to honor the story of Jesus and the three wise men's journey to him.

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