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I'm sure you all know the Christmas association for the name Buddy but I am featuring the name because it is rarely used for little boys in the States.

Buddy is one of those nicknames that could be used for just about any name. Some famous Buddy's were born Charles, George, and Samuel while others were born Bernard and Bartolo. Personally, I would go with a name that begins with a B for the nickname Buddy. My favorites being Boden, Baldwin, and Bartholomew. Another cute option is using Buddy for a junior or third. 

Famous Name Bearers
It seems like the name Buddy was given to a ton of musicians of all different genres. There's Buddy Holly and Buddy Wayne Knox, two rock musicians. Buddy Rich was a jazz drummer and Buddy Guy could be found singing the blues. Buddy Jewell belongs to country fans while Buddy Clark was all pop. 

The name doesn't just belong to singers and musicians. NASCAR driver Buddy DeSylva was born George Gard. My personal favorite Buddy is Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro, who was born Bartolo, and has a son with the same name. This post wouldn't be complete without me mentioning Jamie Oliver and Juliette Norton's son Buddy Bear Maurice, a name that fits perfectly with his sister's. 

In the United States, Buddy hasn't been ranked since 1988 (#940) but in England and Wales it was last ranked in 2016 (#262), the most recent year of data. The name sure does scream English man to me and you can see why. The Untied States is always behind in naming trends and takes years to catch up to England but I hope that Buddy is one of the names we adopt. 

Christmas Association 
"Buddy the Elf, What's your favorite color?" I'm sure just about everyone out there knows this line. It seems like the movie, Elf, is one of the most quoted Christmas movies, at least around me. An image of a jolly, quirky person comes to life when I hear the name Buddy and thats something I'd wish on any little boy. 

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