Saturday, October 26, 2019

Halloweek: Haunted Dolls

There are many movies out there featuring haunted dolls some of which have some great names. I gathered some of the most human like names and listed them below. I left off the haunted dolls like Fats and The Clown. Are any of these names usable? Now that's up to you to decided.

Hugo- Heart, Mind, Spirit; Latin 
Hugo is one of the first evil dolls featured in movies. In the 1945 Dead of Night he came to life and tricked a ventriloquist into being his master ultimately killing him in the end. Hugo ranks in the top 500 and falls into the loved category of O ending boy names. A more recent film bearing the name is the 2011 film Hugo starring a young orphan and magic. I think it is safe to say the creepy, murderous doll is not the first thing people think of. 

Annabelle- Lovable; English
The creepy doll Annabelle originated in The Conjuring and has since starred in her own movie. In the original movie the doll is possessed by an evil spirit and starts torturing the family who live in the house with her. The name is a sweet alternative to Isabelle and fits with other -belle names. Edgar Allen Poe made the name famous with his poem Annabel Lee and the spellings have evolved from there. 

Billy- Diminutive of William (Resolute Protector); English 
The Saw franchise had the most prominent haunted doll named Billy but there is also the horror movie Dead Silent with a doll of the same name. In the first Saw movie serial killer Jigsaw uses the doll to deliver messages to his victims. The name, like many other on this list, is a nickname name coming from William. Tim Burton has a son named just Billy not William while Jimmy Kimmel has a son named William nicknamed Billy. 

Chucky- Diminutive of Charles (Free Man); English 
Child's Play made Chucky famous while he now has movies of his own. The doll is the soul of a serial killer who transferred into the doll to avoid being arrest. While in doll form he continues to kill. The name Chucky comes as one of the many nicknames for Charles. I personally think of the 90s Rugrats cartoon with a main character named Chuckie, a different spelling. 

Brahms- Diminutive of Abraham (Father of Many); German
In the 2016 movie, The Boy, a babysitter arrives at a house expecting to be watching a boy when she finds out it is a porcelain doll. The family gives Greta, the babysitter, a set of rules and when she doesn't follow them Brahms starts haunting her. German composer Johannes Brahms wrote Brahms lullaby in 1868. The name is a nice, short name that's perfect if you want an exotic biblical boys name. 

Suzie- Diminutive of Susan (Lily); English 
In May, the main character bearing the same name has a doll encased in glass made by her mother. The doll is May's only true friend and throughout the movie you see May being controlled by Suzie. The name comes as a nickname for Susan and Susanna. Another alternative spelling to the name that takes it from the edge feel to the soft feel is Susie.

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