Thursday, October 24, 2019

Halloweek: Pumpkin Names

One of the most iconic symbols of Halloween is a pumpkin. They are used for carving, decorating, in pies and coffee and just about any food you can think of. Thy adore doorsteps and coffee tables. Everyone flocks to pumpkin patches. While pumpkin makes a cute nickname it isn't the most loved given name. One great alternative is picking one of the pumpkin inspired names below. And hey you can even pick a name and use the nickname Pumpkin! 

Dill- Great Tide; English 
Dill's Atlantic Giant is a variant of pumpkin that can weigh anyway from 200 to 1000 pounds. It was developed by Howard Dill. Dill is a diminutive of Dillon. Dillon is an alternative spelling Dylan. The name reminds me of the 1990s cartoon Rugrats with the character Dill Pickles. It is also associated with dill pickles, the food. 

Max- Greatest; English
Big Max pumpkins are pumpkins that exceed 100 pounds and 20inches in diameter. The name ranks in the top 200 for 2018. It is perfect on its own or as a nickname for the many Max names including; Maxwell, Maximilian, Maxfield, and more. 

Lakota- Friend to Us; Sioux 
Blue Lakotas are blue-gray colored pumpkins popular in Australia. Lakota is an unisex name. It is the  name of one of the branches of the Great Sioux Nation. If Dakota is too known or place like for you than Lakota is a nice alternative.  

Kakai- Unknown Meaning 
Japan produces Kakai pumpkins. Pumpkins that are orange with green stripes down it. As a name Kakai is extremely rare. The meaning is unknown with a possible meaning of Good Luck. In Iran and Iraq there is a religion by the same name. 

Lumina- Bright Light; Latin 
Those white pumpkins you see are not painted. Some are called Lumina pumpkins. When you cut into the pumpkin it has the traditions orange flesh. The name was given to 15 baby girls in 2018. Extremely unique yet fits with other names ending in -ina.  

Casper- Form of Jasper (Treasurer); Dutch and Scandinavian 
If you guessed that Casper pumpkins are white then you are very much right. They are white pumpkins with little to no blue undertones. This name is a double whammy Halloween name for the pumpkin and the ghost. 

Marina- From the Sea; Latin
Marina Di Chioggia are warted pumpkins from the coast of Italy. They are deep green pumpkins. The name is fitting because Marina means from the sea. I find this name perfect if you want to combined you love of summer and fall. 

Tykva- Pumpkin; Russian
This unique name was inspired by Alix at Names Daily. It's pronounced tick-vuh. The name isn't used very much if at all. It looks gorgeous and unique. Anyone want to use it as a middle name? 

Pepon- One Who Petitions; German 
In Greek the word for pumpkin is Pepon. I adore this name because of the Pep beginning. It fits nicely with Pepe and Pepito.

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