Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween Family Name Game

Happy Halloween! I hope every enjoyed the week long Halloween inspired posts. I had so much fun writing and creating the content for you guys. It was so much fun I am already thinking about next year! There was no post planned for today but I thought it would be fun to do halloween name game. So name a family using the Halloween themed name banks below!

FN (Fictional Witch): Evanora, Prue, Bridget, Winifred, Zelda, Lavender, Joanna, Minnie
MN (Candy Inspired): Ruth, Reese, Coco, Kit, Joy, Dulce, Mary Jane, Patty, Lolly

FN (Horror Movie Villains): Freddy, Michael, Jason, Bates, Chucky, Jack, Norman, Myer
MN (Hocus Pocus): Billy, Binx, Dave, Sanderson, Jay, Ernie, Elijah, Max, Dennison, Thackery

FN (Hotel Transylvania): Johnny, Frank, Wayne, Griffin, Murray, Wilson, Dennis, Mike
MN (Fictional Werewolf): Remus, Derek, Scott, Sirius, Oz, Eddie, Tyler, Jacob, Sam, Seth

FN (HalloweenTown Series): Marnie, Piper, Sophie, Agatha, Gwen, Cassie, Natalie, Jessica
MN (Orange Inspired): Clementine, Ginger, Sienna, Alani, Auburn, Amber, Jacinthe, Cam, Tigerlily, Saffron

FN (Edward Scissorhands): Kim, Peg, Marge, Esmeralda, Joyce, Helen, Tinka, Cissy
MN (Fictional Vampires): Alice, Amelie, Annabelle, Bella, Caroline, Elena, Irina, Natasha, Pandora, Zoey

My Choices:
Mom: Evanora Kit
Dad: Norman Binx 
Son: Murray Oz
Older Daughter: Marnie Clementine 
Younger Daughter: Tinka Amelie 

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